Riverway Club


Inside the Burnaby Riverway Golf Club, the restaurant has a view of the river is a very popular wedding venue in Burnaby. I have been to the driving range of this golf club but never for the clubhouse restaurant. This year for Dine Out Vancouver I have finally gave this restaurant a try. Their set dinner menu is in the medium range ($28.00 for one person), which I think for the quality and portion of food is a great value for most people.


For appetizer I have selected the seared scallop with pork belly. Seared scallop is crusted with sesame, which I absolutely loved. I never thought about how well scallop and sesame can go together. Usually seared scallops have a nice crisp crust, but this one has an extra fragrance that comes along with the sesame. Pork belly was done well and was not overly oily or too much fat topped with crispy pear (which add a lightly refreshing taste to the pork belly).



Another appetizer being served is lobster tail. (Really $28 set dinner that serves lobster tail as appetizer is very good value… but of course they are doing dine out; basically they do not make much money.) However I would think this is alright. It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t anything exceptional about this lobster tail, yes I can taste its freshness but aside from there. But hey you get the whole lobster tail, and it is fresh so what more can you really ask for?



Roasted prime rib seems to be a popular choice while I was there that night. I see many of them on the rest of the tables in the restaurant. I normally don’t order prime rib, but I saw this: “shitake mushroom butter sauce” 😛 The sauce was indeed amazing, very creamy and smooth and worked perfectly with the tender and juicy prime rib. (And the prime rib was so big that I really only ate 1/3 of it….) This dish is served with chickpea panisse, a healthier alternative to fries. If you like chickpea, you will like this. I like chickpea. 😀 Although it falls apart when you try to pick it up, but was so delicious with house-made tomatoe sauce.


Their dinner includes appetizer and entrée with a choice of chocolate (dessert) buffet or a cup of tiramisu. So I ordered a tiramisu while the rest of went for the chocolate buffet.

Tiramisu is good, traditional with ladies’ fingers that have soaked lots of coffee liqueur. :9

Now if you are a chocoholic you will fall right in love with their chocolate buffet. Various of chocolate flavoured dessert for you to indulge. Chocolate mousse, chocolate cupcake, chocolate tart, chocolate ganache, chocolate cake, etc. Yes, go right ahead and get fat. I tried out a couple and they were all good desserts, this is definitely a bonus point to many chocolate lovers.



I am not sure about their regular menu pricing, but with the dine out pricing for the portion and quality of the food this is worth a try place. I also did some research they also have some special brunch menus and promotions through until March that would give you an opportunity to try out their stuff at a great price.

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