After dine out at Black & Blue, I walked across and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate (because I wasn’t really satisfied by their carrot cake :P). This is the second year I am back for their hot chocolate festival, I remember last year I tried out this rare hot chocolate is was rich, smooth and smooth. Yes I couldn’t get over how smooth their hot chocolate was, I recommend their hot chocolate to many friends because I was absolutely in love with it.


This year they have several kinds as usual, I picked the one with ice cream in the middle. I made my friend took pictures of it getting ready as I was hogging a seat (well you know this place is 24/7 busy). An ice cream is put into a clear glass cup with a chocolate disc on top. They will then pour hot chocolate into the cup for you (which I sort of wish we would be doing that ourselves like Chocolate Arts), the presentation is just awesome. How you sort of see them putting the hot chocolate together for you.


But I wish was that the hot chocolate was hot enough (like Bella). So I think from that brief description you can tell this hot chocolate was only moderate (or maybe I just expected a little more from Thierry). The hot chocolate was tad bit warmer than luke warm, which made the whole experience pretty bleh. Because really hot chocolate needs to be HOT.


They serve with a little cream puff, wasn’t too sweet and is fresh cream. :9


Oh how I missed that “One in a Million” hot chocolate from last year. 😥

Sometimes I do feel Thierry is overpriced, but late night and I want dessert and not many choices left I will choose Thierry. (But knowing the amount of people that will be there always stops me…)
Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe on Urbanspoon


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