Boteco Brasil

I have never had Brazilian food before, this is my first time! As I saw the entrance, I thought: “Oh this restaurant is made from a house.” There is an open yard at the front and the restaurant is downstairs. As I entered, everything feels very rustic. No air condition but there’s an old fan swinging. (I wonder if restaurants look like this in Brazil?) But I saw drums and music instruments on the side, they must have live music!

Anyways, so not knowing anything about Brazilian food I looked through the menu and picked the features of the restaurant.

We ordered a Brazilian soft drink to share – Guarana. (That’s one expensive pop.) It tastes like grape pop. Not bad, but don’t know about the price.

To start we ordered the Mandioca Frita – cassava fries. The texture and taste of this fries is great! I loved the spice on top and the small hint of sweet from the original plant. I really enjoyed this, but stuffed me up very quickly.

For our mains I got Fejioada.Fejioada is black beans broth with pork served with rice. The waitress was really nice and tried to explain to me how people usually eat the dish. Mixing the flour, black beans onto the rice was a great suggestion. Everything taste very yummy on the plate. The black bean broth was very strong and smelled great!

My friend got a dish with chicken and sauce similar to a curry butter chicken sauce. (Similar but not exactly the same.) It is really hard to describe the flavour. It was served with deep fried garlic(?) bits? Those are very good on top of the chicken.

But I liked my black bean pork better. 😛 I wonder when do they have live music?

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