The Beach House

The restaurant sits right in front of the water, as I was walking towards the restaurant I can’t help but stop and take photos of the beautiful British Columbia scenic view. Then I knew right away this would be a perfect restaurant for any romantic dinner. We arrived sometime around sunset and it was just beautiful to see the sunset from outside and inside the restaurant. They also has a patio area that is enclosed by glass, which would allow you to enjoy the view fully while having a Sunday brunch.

To start, we ordered a few appetizers to share:
Wok Tossed Calamari – charred poblanos, peppers and red onion
This is a good appetizer, full of flavours and texture. Crispy and chewy, although it says wok tossed but it does still taste like it has been lightly fried already. But I do recommend this calamari and in comparison to many other restaurants, I like how this one is lighter in flavour and not deep fried.

Another great appetizer to share is mussels and clams, they were put in a lime and lemogross broth with mile red curry and coconut. This taste like Asian, something I have eaten in a Malaysian restaurant. Too similar that I thought maybe it is a replica. I am not saying it’s not good, it is good just tasted like a copy cat. So it didn’t feel anything special.

For entrée I ordered Spicy Scallop and Prawn Linguini (warning if you do not eat spicy please do not order this, because as a spicy eater this definitely has a kick to it). Made with fresh herbs, chilies, olive oil, white wine and tomatoe sauce, maybe lots of chilies…. 😛 When I took my first bite, I really liked the flavour of chilies and tomatoe sauce went together with passion. However the spicy comes after, as you kept going and indulge more the spice comes back up from your throat and literally you can be sweating from this. So I would recommend this dish to those who eats very spicy.

I also get to try my friend’s North Pacific Sablefish made with maple soy glaze served with spinach, shiitake mushrooms and soba noodles in dashi broth. Somehow this dish seems very Asian to me again, but of course almost 50% of the ingredients in this dish is Asian. The noodle is not exactly done properly (it is not that easy to prepare soba noodles perfectly). The sablefish is alright, I have to say a little bit disappointed at this dish. Everything is good, but maybe not for that price.

Overall I think The Beach House has beautiful ambience and gorgeous view, but aside from that I am not sure if their food is worth its price. Food are good, service is decent but maybe I would expect more at that price. However if you want something romantic or a new view, you really need to come take a look yourself.

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Basho Cafe

It was one heavy rain afternoon, my girlfriends and I came out to meet for a Saturday afternoon catch up. This place gets pretty packed on weekend afternoon, so we had to come back later (an hour before they close up). Then I return for a early brunch visit with my family.


This is such an adorable restaurant, every corner of this place shouts cute. This cafe is ran by a friendly Japanese family. Their decor reminds me greatly of Cafe de L’Organerie near Granville. 🙂



Pot of loose leaf tea, they only have small collection of tea (I would say around 5-7 types). Served with black sesame butter cookies. They have a variety of cookies, small cakes, scones and other baked goods displayed.


Tuna Tataki (seared tuna) lunch set – similar to the grilled vegetables lunch sets comes with salad, baked good, soup and tea. Delicious tuna tataki with yuzu(?), which brought the flavour of the tuna out lightly without overpowering it.


Soy milk matcha latte – for almost any drink you order I notice they always give you a small piece of cookie. This matcha latte is smooth and not too sweet, very delicious.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Eat-In Lunch Set – comes with a few cookies as sweets, grilled vegetables on rice, salad, soup and a cup of tea. The colourful vegetables presented on a tray along with other colourful small cups and bowls. The vegetables were fresh and I especially loved the pumpkin mash – oh so tasty.



For the baked goods, we got matcha cranberry cookie, mochi brownie. I LOVED the mochi brownie, I don’t know if this already existed long time ago but it was my first time discovering it. It was rich in chocolate but with a mochi texture, very chewy and bouncy. I am in love, it even made me attempt to make it at home later too! So much fun. 🙂Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Black sesame cookie and miso madeleine – the miso madeleine was very strong in miso flavour therefore is salty. It was very interesting, I wouldn’t say I love or hate it. Though I think many will find this kind of odd. Black sesame cookies were delicious, I had to order another piece. :pExif_JPEG_PICTURE


Breakfast Scone Sandwich – basically what it looks like. A scone cut open with an egg and a slice of tomatoe (similar to the BLT concept.)



Another thing that I have noticed is that there are lot of home made textile pieces in this restaurant, from coaster to pot warmer all either knitted or stitch patches. Gives you the feeling of grandma’s place. :3



Overall I really like this place, although I think might be a tad bit (tad bit) hyped. It is cute and cozy with friendly staff service and great place to sit and chat with some friends. (Hard to get to without a vehicle in my opinion.) Everything they serve are done with delicacy and care which I really give props for that. I would revisit for sure!

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Euro Bagel Cafe

It was a Saturday morning looking for a brunch place for coffee and sandwiches, so we ended up on Commercial Drive. With the name of little Italy, Commercial Drive is full of cafes that sells delicious sandwiches and coffee. Then I found this place, nothing special about the entrance and looks a little outdated. But I am so happy I walked into and gave it a try.


What a cute café, mimicking an European café with different flags and signs and lamp posts in the restaurants. With lots of vintage look oil canvas, chalk board menu etc, their decoration gave the name Euro Bagel Café its true meaning.


At first I thought it was those you order first then you take a seat type of self serve café but the owner came out and asked us to sit down and gave us a menu. Then we ordered:



Bagelwich Florentine – Two eggs, spinach, tomato & cream cheese


Bagels are soft!!! Nothing very stiff and hard to tear (similar to Timmy’s bagel) but this one is so soft! Almost like bread. Delicious egg, spinach and tomato combination and of course the magic of cream cheese. 🙂 But I just cannot get over the soft bagel, after the first bite I told myself, I am coming back here. I am.

Crepe Turkey, Mushroom & Swiss


Chewy crepe, similar to the Japanese convenient store in Downtown Robson. The crepe is good, I liked the perfect tender and chewiness. However I find this one salty. I know it’s not the crepe, it’s something in the filling – perhaps the cheese or turkey?? I would say overly salty.

As I was enjoying my breakfast, I notice they are quite busy. Lots of to go orders and you can also sit outside (on a sunny day).  I truly like this place, aside from the very salty ham or cheese. But it’s the atmosphere it gives when I am there. I for a slight moment felt Europe. 😉 (But of course, I can’t say because I have never been. 😥 ) I need to come back and try their sweet crepe perhaps with a cappuccino for an afternoon chat.

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Riverway Club


Inside the Burnaby Riverway Golf Club, the restaurant has a view of the river is a very popular wedding venue in Burnaby. I have been to the driving range of this golf club but never for the clubhouse restaurant. This year for Dine Out Vancouver I have finally gave this restaurant a try. Their set dinner menu is in the medium range ($28.00 for one person), which I think for the quality and portion of food is a great value for most people.


For appetizer I have selected the seared scallop with pork belly. Seared scallop is crusted with sesame, which I absolutely loved. I never thought about how well scallop and sesame can go together. Usually seared scallops have a nice crisp crust, but this one has an extra fragrance that comes along with the sesame. Pork belly was done well and was not overly oily or too much fat topped with crispy pear (which add a lightly refreshing taste to the pork belly).



Another appetizer being served is lobster tail. (Really $28 set dinner that serves lobster tail as appetizer is very good value… but of course they are doing dine out; basically they do not make much money.) However I would think this is alright. It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t anything exceptional about this lobster tail, yes I can taste its freshness but aside from there. But hey you get the whole lobster tail, and it is fresh so what more can you really ask for?



Roasted prime rib seems to be a popular choice while I was there that night. I see many of them on the rest of the tables in the restaurant. I normally don’t order prime rib, but I saw this: “shitake mushroom butter sauce” 😛 The sauce was indeed amazing, very creamy and smooth and worked perfectly with the tender and juicy prime rib. (And the prime rib was so big that I really only ate 1/3 of it….) This dish is served with chickpea panisse, a healthier alternative to fries. If you like chickpea, you will like this. I like chickpea. 😀 Although it falls apart when you try to pick it up, but was so delicious with house-made tomatoe sauce.


Their dinner includes appetizer and entrée with a choice of chocolate (dessert) buffet or a cup of tiramisu. So I ordered a tiramisu while the rest of went for the chocolate buffet.

Tiramisu is good, traditional with ladies’ fingers that have soaked lots of coffee liqueur. :9

Now if you are a chocoholic you will fall right in love with their chocolate buffet. Various of chocolate flavoured dessert for you to indulge. Chocolate mousse, chocolate cupcake, chocolate tart, chocolate ganache, chocolate cake, etc. Yes, go right ahead and get fat. I tried out a couple and they were all good desserts, this is definitely a bonus point to many chocolate lovers.



I am not sure about their regular menu pricing, but with the dine out pricing for the portion and quality of the food this is worth a try place. I also did some research they also have some special brunch menus and promotions through until March that would give you an opportunity to try out their stuff at a great price.

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Tacofino Commissary

I dragged so long to post this one because I just could not recall the name of the restaurant at all… I don’t know why. But I just remember how the food tasted and how I loved the decor. It’s been too long so I am going to leave this one blank until I revisit.


If anyone can help me out, it will be greatly appreciated… it is a small little restaurant on Hastings relatively closed to Red Wagon but across the street. The store front is white and has some very interesting decor inside.


Rustic and simple. Most tables are long and large and meant for sharing, so if you don’t like sharing tables you should request it with the waitress.


So three of us was there for Sunday brunch, it wasn’t too busy. We were seated right away at Sunday 10am-ish. We started with a sunny side up egg on a tortilla warp with potatoe hash and bacon bits and spicy sauce at the bottom. This is some what similar to a chili, but without the beans. It was very yummy and a very filling, but I am not sure if there are a lot of msg in this because I got really thirsty afterwards.

Sandwich/Burger with pulled port and egg, tomatoe and cilanto. This was a little heavy for brunch, but it is a delicious burger. It also had quite a bit of cheese sauce therefore made it a bit messy to eat… R0024359 Pancakes with maple syrup, fluffy pancakes without being too sweet. (Just don’t go crazy with the maple syrup.) However I was especially intrigued by the ‘flag’ on top of the pancakes… I can’t tell what is it made it. It tastes like fruit loop rolls that I have when I was a kid. Jelly and fruity… but what is it?!! XP But it was good though, I just couldn’t make out how they made it.R0024360

Sorry I couldn’t remember the restaurant name and the dishes names… Because it was a while ago and I just couldn’t remember the names at all…. 😦

Hopefully I find it again soon and blog about it soon!! 😀

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Jethro’s Fine Grub


It was a while back when I came here to Jethro’s Fine Grub, on a Sunday morning in the nice hot summer. Around 1030am in the morning I had to wait about 20mins to get a seat for two. Then I see the giant line build up as I enjoy my meal. This is a very busy place so to avoid waiting, I would suggest getting there as early as possible. They open at 8am anyways. 🙂

Love their logo board, so had to take a photo!!


The sauce that was given to us after we have placed our order. That is a lot of sauces, maybe more than what I need. But I tried everything to see what they were. 😛

French Toast

Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread French Toast Topped with caramelized bananas and whipped cream. Oh this is one heart-attack breakfast but it was so delicious!! I love the super soft and fluffy french toast!! (I’m a sucker for french toast, even the Hong Kong style one!!!) The caramelized bananas along with the whipped cream was so yummy. I think it was sweet enough without further syrup, but if you are a crazy sweet tooth, you can use any of the above sauces! 😛

Sorry I can’t remember the name of this, but this is like a tuna melt with cheddar and covered with egg. This tuna melt is delicious with the green hot sauce they have provided. I really enjoyed this also.

Really I love to revisit often if I live around the area and that there will be less line up. But once in a while I really don’t mind. I recommend coming in small groups so you don’t have to wait as long.

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Edible Canada at the Market

I noticed this place about two/three months ago when I was visiting Granville Island. When I entered through I just couldn’t help but fall in love with the decor and the opened spaces. It was a chilly morning even though it’s sunny, so we decided to stay inside instead. After we placed our order it took about 20mins to get our food. 20mins is way too long for this type of breakfast. So we checked with our waitress and she said they are plating it. Yes I saw our plate for about 5-7 mins on the counter and no one picked it up and gave it to us. Mind you there are only around 7 tables seated. Finally we got our luke warm breakfast…

This is the Edible Canada Breakfast includes scrambled free range eggs, Sloping Hills pork & apple sausage, double smoked bacon, smoked tomatoes, crispy duck fat fried hashbrowns, fresh herbs for $12. Okay, first is scrambled eggs suppose to be runny? This tasted like breakfast meeting running eggs are work and is not acceptable to see here. Then it’s the bacon, it was so burnt that the moment I poked it wirh my fork it shatters (like literally) into pieces. I couldn’t eat it unless I use my hand to pick it up. The only thing I liked here are the hashbrowns/(fries). It smelled really good and I am guessing it’s the duct fat, and filled me up very quickly. But I really like the aroma it was giving off.

Wild Mushroom Benny – spinach, thyme, Sea to Sky mushroom salt, citrus hollandaise $11

Okay this was good, the mushrooms were cooked just right with a bit of balsamic vingear brought out the flavours of the mushrooms. Soft bread and spinach cooked throughly to almost a sauce, I enjoyed this benny very much.

I ordered toast on the side. Okay, I wasn’t aware that toast wasn’t included with the breakfast. The waitress asked ‘would you like toast on the side?’. I thought it was included, because she didn’t say ‘would you like toast on the side for an extra 4 dollars?’ I am not trying to be cheap but the toast that I was eating seriously is not worth the 4 dollars, it was very hard and dry. But I just think it would be nice to let your customer know that the side you are offering is how much.

The friend I was enjoying this brunch had banned the restaurant himself. He wouldn’t revisit. I think I would be okay if someone suggested it. (But maybe try out dinner/lunch.) But I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone myself.

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Monk McQueens

When I saw a groupon for brunch, I purchased the coupon right away. Because I heard many good things about this restaurant and was excited to finally giving it a try.

First we were served with mimosas – the orange juice is fresh squeezed… and really sour.

Fresh Bacon Asparagus Salad with Russian Poached Egg (?) Anyways this salad is very filling, the bacon is very fat and juicy. Asparagus is roasted and cripsy. I especially liked the egg – crispy breaded outshell and soft runny yolk. However I would prefer it more if the outshell is not so oily. Since the asparagus and bacon already feel very oily, there isn’t enough items to balance out this oil that just stays in my mouth.

Smoked Salmon Scramble Egg with Croissant and Fresh Fruits – I have to say I never eaten scramble egg like this anywhere. Because it was really really bad. First the egg was super runny, I am not sure if it is the water from salmon but they should know how to deal with that. Croissant is flat (yes it looks flat too)  and when I ate it I felt like they left it out for a week already. And of course fruits are not fresh, pre cuts from Costco?

Ordered mussels with tomato sauce on the side. I would have to say this is decent, thought some mussels were not fresh (they cannot be cooked open). However I do like the sauce and it tasted delicious with bread, sweet and bit sour just perfect.


Overall I wasn’t impressed, because I have heard lots of good about this restaurant. But maybe I just hit a bad time? However I would not revisit if I have a choice.

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Seb’s Market Cafe

Roast Garlic and Shitake Mushrooms Omelette served with homecut potatoes, toast and fresh fruits. The omelette is decent, although it is lacking a little flavour and a dash of salt or pepper did just fine. I quite like their jam (I believe it’s homemade), I can taste the freshness when having those jam on the really dry toast. Why are the toast so dry?! Having that toast made me forget about everything. Haha, they are too dry and hard.

Cranberry Pecan Sourdough Sandwich with homecut potates, turkey ham and egg. Really you can’t go wrong with cranberry and turkey, they are just made for each other. 😛 I really do like the sandwich however once again the toast is really really dry!! Like too dry, almost felt like they have left it out for a very long time and gotten really hard. 😦

They also served fresh squeezed orange juice. Which I wish were colder, and they are sweeter oranges. But they are fresh squeezed. 🙂Iced chai latte – umm this one is yummy. 🙂 It’s great on a hot summer morning.

I notice it is also a market where you can buy cookware and they do catering as well. Seb’s mainly do businesses around the neighbourhood? I see a few joggers and bikers having their breakfast there. I am not sure if I will revisit, I just couldn’t get that dry toast out of my head. But maybe I’ll grab a drink to go if I am nearby.
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Andrea’s Original Coffee & Cake

Found this place on Urbanspoon which a super high rating, so I must visit. It was so close to home anyways. This little strip of shops are among residential area, you probably wouldn’t know about it unless someone tells you or you live in the area.

This shop is also full of old customers who lives in the area, why I know because of the way the staff talks to their customers. They almost talk like they are families.

To start the morning I shared a turkey club panini with a friend along with a chai latte. The turkey sandwich was delicious. With jack cheese I believe, oh so yummy. But a very odd thing I found was that when I got home later, I was very very thirsty. Like VERY. I had to drink lots and lots of water. I am not sure if there’s extra msg or butter or salt in the food I was eating.

Latte was good, should have asked for unsweetened. But still good. 🙂
And then I couldn’t help but notice while I am having my breakfast how the whole place is surrounded by photos of their custom made cakes. They are all so cute or so cool. As I kept looking at the pictures, I had to get a cupcake to try. 😛

Oh the icing the was so buttery and creamy smooth. I don’t know how she managed to get that beautiful reflective color onto her icing. It was so pretty and so yummy. I would considering getting a cake made from this place in the future. 🙂

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