Secret Location

Tasting Room they called it, this is a gorgeous place. Everything looks and feels so  pretty. 😛 I was attracted by its name a long time ago, never got around to visit. Finally I paid a visit after shopping around with a friend to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and some sweets.light

I got here right when their retail shop next door is closed. So I didn’t get a chance to shop, but definitely I will visit their shop next time!Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

We were seated right away, but because of the emptiness of the restaurant. We get to pick any seat. So I selected a seat with SUPER large sofa… ;p

We had a somewhat interesting experience as we got seated. We were served by a new waitress (you’ll see why I think so). When she gave us our water, she spilled it all over my friend and on the floor. And for some really odd reason it took her super long to try to figure out how to clean the place. She ended up cleaning part of the table and left the floor with a little pond.

Anyways, so I ordered a hot chocolate. (They didn’t have the Hot Chocolate Festival hot chocolates anymore… 😥 )


I liked the hot chocolate, smooth and not too sweet. However I find it not hot enough. Or maybe I just really enjoy very hot drinks. On the side I believe those are marshmallows? They were really good! So yummy. 🙂


Petits Fours – mini versions of sweets.

Raspberry Sorbet

Dark Chocolate Dipped Madeleine Cakes – They are a little stiff and compacted. In my mind, they should be lighter. But liked the dark chocolate dipped idea. 🙂

Chocolate Truffles – I really like their truffles! They were delicious. Crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. I wonder if they are house made? But just so yummy!

Hazelnut Coffee Macarons



It is a nice place to sit and chat. However I am not sure if we are actually welcomed to do so. After the spill of water, we never got really any attention from the waitress or the host. No one refilled our water or come check on us. Is it because we are not actually having a meal? I am not quite sure.

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