La Brasserie’s

I have heard many good things about their food cart stand in downtown which only sells their famous burger. I couldn’t make it for their food cart because of their short hours so I decided to pay their restaurant a visit to try out that burger.

PATÉ DE CAMPAGNE – Bacon Wrapped Chicken liver & Beef, Dijon, Crostini – Very interesting pate wrapped with bacon, although I do find the bacon very greasy. (Do I sound stupid saying this? :P)

TRUFFLED POUTINE Fries, Cheese Curds, Gravy, Truffle Oil – This delicious poutine was to die for!! Fresh, hot evenly melted cheese with mouth watering gravy and truffle oil?!!! Oh my god on the truffle oil, it was a brilliant idea! I just couldn’t help myself from munching and munching even though I know it’ll easily fill me up. XD

FRENCH ONION SOUP Slow Caramelized Onions, Gruyère Gratine

FISH of the DAY – halibut in a very ‘Asian’ broth, it smells like soy sauce, fish sauce combined with potatoes and bits of spinach.

MUSSELS & FRITES Lemon, Parsley, Garlic, Cream – tender mussels in a lovely garlic cream sauce, light lemon gives it a bit of tart to get rid of the heaviness of cream. Though I felt like the mussels could be fresher, lots of fishy smell.

BRASSERIE BURGER & FRITES Aged White Cheddar, Bacon, Crispy Onions, Truffle Aioli – No wonder they are so famous for their burgers that they have a little food cart in downtown for it. It was a very large (or I should say tall) burger, but it was very delicious. The crispy onions were perfect with the very soft patty and cheddar. My mouth is watering as I write this. 😆

This is a wonderful restaurant with great atmosphere, I would definitely return!

PS: Sorry I didn’t explain all the dishes, I’ve visited a while ago and I can’t recall the names. But I hope the photos speaks itself!

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When I was looking for new places to visit during this year’s Dine Out Vancouver, I have came across this. Looked at the menu and the interior photos of the restaurant, sparked my interest. So I paid a visit.

It was a little hidden, inside buildings across of the Steam Clock. I couldn’t really tell that was a restaurant from far away, it would looked more like a boutique with the apartments.

The moment I walked in, I already liked the look and feel to this place. I tried to imagine it in the summer with the gates open. Maybe my birthday party? Maybe. 🙂

Appetizer: Parsnip & Apple Soup, Dungeness Crab, Creme Fraiche & Crispy Parsnip

This is one delicious soup, I can taste the sweet apple scent in every bite. And some crispy parsnip and crab meat mad this soup soo soo good. 😛 I really liked it lots!

parsnip soup



Entrees: Sunchoke Risotto, Hedgehog Mushrooms, Pecorino, Shaved Truffles & Sunchoke Chips

OH I LOVE TRUFFLE!! XD It was so fragrant the moment the server put it down in front of me. I already wanted to dig in without taking a photo! But I didn’t. It was good, rice are cooked well. But I couldn’t finish, because it is very very filling.

Entress: Duck Breast, Leg Sausage, Roasted Squash, Savoy Cabbage, Fingerlings & Apple Soubise

I only had a bite of the duck breast. But I really needed to write about it because it was so tender!! I think probably the most tender I have tried so far (but I don’t eat much duck.) But I think I will reorder this next time I visit. Because it was very good. (Sorry didn’t get  a photo)


Dessert: Lemon Scented Pavlova, Sour Cherry Compote, Pistachio Mousse & Brittle

Pavolva are always very difficult to eat neatly, because they just shatter into pieces the moment you dig your fork in it. Like any other pavolva, it was very sweet and crunchy. I couldn’t finish it even with a sour cherry sauce. However I really really liked the pistachio mousse. It was very very delicious and light. Though not much pistachio taste. But so fluffy!! :3




I would love to revisit this place in the summer. I want to see those gates open. With good service and nice atmosphere – Birthday party. 😀

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Salade de Fruits Café

I just couldn’t believe it as I searched through my blog that I didn’t blog about this place. 😮
This French cafe is one of my favourite (although I think I am quite basis because I really like French food). I have been there two times and the first time, I was seated inside. Very dark inside and hard to take photos. So I revisited with two friends and it was the summer so I was able to sit outside and take some really nice photos of the food!

Their menus are only available in French on a piece of wood that looks like cutting board. 😛 But the servers are very enthusiastic about explaining the menu to you – especially the owner. 🙂

Oh something very important – they are cash only! So prepare yourself before heading there. And recommended to make a reservation because they are always fully packed.

Cuisse de lapin confit – Rabbit leg confi: this is rabbit leg cooked with duck fat (if I remembered correctly) Very juicy and aromatic from duck fat. I especially loved the beans, it had soaked in some juices and was so soft to eat. The rabbit was cooked just right.R0021403

Poisson du Jour – catch of the day: trout. Cooked with creamy lemon sauce, this one is very fresh and tender. Also served with tiger prawns and vegetables.


I can’t remember if this is Cuisse de canard confit – duck confit or Magret de canard sauce cassis – Duck in blackcurrant sauce. I just remember that the sauce was so yummy!! A little sweet and juicy with the duck meat, which made it just balance out the dryness of the meat.


Crème brulée – this is a French cafe must have. Served with raisin cookie, which is great to balance the sweetness. And also gave the creme brulee something crunch to chew on.


Ganache au chocolat – chocolate ganache cake, very rich and strong flavoured. Absolutely a chocolate lover must have. It worked out really well with the sour blueberries and whipped cream on the side. :9


This was a seasonal dessert – berry mousse cake served with fresh berries and its sauce. I really liked it and it was much lighter compared to the other two dessert.

I have enjoyed my visits here, both times the owner and waiters and very helpful and friendly. I absolutely love the old French cafe decor. Can’t wait to revisit again. 🙂

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Bacchus Restaurant (Wedgewood Hotel)

I had been to Bacchus a couple of times, and until now I still really like this restaurant. I liked the atmosphere (their weekend live piano), some of their seats (cozy love seats), and their very adorable hotel washroom. 😛

From previous times, I can never forget about their crispy baked chips. I loved the crisp and sesame!!

Dine Out Vancouver 2013 Appetizers:

Chicken Liver and Cognac Parfait – I really like the baked toast, it is so buttery. Almost feels like a baked toast. 🙂

Woodland Mushroom Velouie – basically a mushroom soup, very delicious soup! IF it has a hint of truffle oil, would be so good. 😛


Iceberg Wedge Salad with blue cheese dressing – this is my first attempt at blue cheese. And I am in love, more than goat cheese I have to say. With bits of bacon and green onion, I never thought I can eat an iceberg wedge this way.IMG_7617


Pan Seared Filet of Northern BC Salmon – on top of tomato risotto. Salmon was cooked good, but not the best I have had. However the tomato risotto is very delicious.IMG_7619

Confit of Fraser Valley Duck Leg – a little above average, not overly cooked. But it lacks something that made me said “Oh!”IMG_7621

Roasted California Cut New York Striploin – this however made me “Oh!” I was surprised how tender this is. Very juicy also. 🙂IMG_7623


Dark Chocolate Ganache & Praline Tart – very very rich. But I absolutely loved it!! It wasn’t sweet, just rich. I just couldn’t help but kept indulging on this even though I was quite full from my main course. :pIMG_7625

French Vanilla Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream – this was a special item mentioned by the waiter. Also another delicious treat.IMG_7626 Ginger & Cardamom Creme Brulee with poached pear and spiked sable – the ginger is so nice the milky egg mixture.IMG_7628

Overall I still think their quality of food is still living up to their reputation (I do like their dessert and appetizers better). However their service wasn’t too great, maybe because it’s dine out? But I would except it to be a little less rushed and just a little more care.
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Bistro Pastis

Decided to try out this French bistro with a few good friends of mine for Dine Out Vancouver 2012. Bistro Pastis located towards the further end of West 4th Vancouver – famous for being an authentic French bistro. Loving French cuisine, I must give this a try.

Since these are dine out menus, we tried out the asparagus(?) soup and pate. The soup was pretty good (but it wasn’t my dish). My pate was a little too dry, it doesn’t fill like normal pate that I usually have…

For my main, I have selected a steak. I liked how they have cut the steak into small slices. However that is not my favourite item on that dish, my favourite item is the potato! It is layered with butter I believe, but what ever is going on with the potato. I love it. 😀

My friend tried out the duck and the trout. The duck was pretty tender with very good beans. If you are into ducks, you should give one a try.

Last but not least, the dessert.

Crepe and chocolate mousse – I would have to say this restaurant seems to do their dessert a little above average. Both of these items were pretty tasty.

The chocolate mousse was very very rich but without being too sweet. But since it is a very sweet dessert, non of us were able to finish it. The crepe I tried a bit with apple caramel was also very delicious with very nice soft crepe.

This restaurant rates an above average to me, but wasn’t worth the price I will have to say. Maybe it would be a little better not during dine out times? I will probably pop by later to have a dessert and see if it will change my mind.

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Smoking Dog Bistro 2

This is the second time for me at Smoking Dog Bistro, wanted to go back and see what new items they have gotten on the menu. When I arrived at the restaurant I wasn’t greeted by anyone. I stood in front of their bar for nearly 15 mins and didn’t get seated. Then finally the bartender came and ask for how many I told him I made a reservation for 2. Then he went off doing something else and got confused with another staff for another 10 mins before we got seated. That moment I thought, these people seem very different the last time I came here. We got seated and I looked at the menu, lots of new items! In fact I think the whole menu is different?? The furnitures look different too, maybe they have a new ownership??

We didn’t order any appetizers because we weren’t too hungry. So we went straight to two mains: Daily Special Raspberry Syrup Glazed Salmon and Tiger Prawn Risotto.

I was truly disappointed, maybe it was because I was keeping my hopes up too high from what I have tried last time for lunch. The salmon was very rough and the raspberry syrup looked and tasted more like water soaked with raspberry. I wasn’t really sure what I was eating.

The risotto was a little too salty, prawns were flavourless (well it tastes like prawn steamed). Were they cooked by two different person?? Maybe…

So I thought to myself maybe the dessert will cheer me up!

After asking (I believe is the owner/manager of the restaurant) I decided to try out the Profiteroles – Choux pastry with vanilla gelato and chocolate sauce on top. Choux pastry is basically cream puffs without the cream. I suppose it tasted like a parfait with store bought ice cream. I really don’t think I should have paid nine dollars for this dessert.

I probably will not go back again until I hear from someone they have new ownership. *pouts*

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Chez Meme Baguette Bistro

It is a very French baguette bistro located on 4016 Hastings Street in the Burnaby north area, the staff are all French (I believe) and they are attentive. I have been there before and tried out the steak baguette, strawberry french toast and the onion soup (I like the onion soup, though it is quite salty).

This time I went over for a quick breakfast with a friend and ordered a special local raspberry French toast with a decaf cappuccino. The raspberry were really fresh and lots of whip cream (I’m not sure but I think the whip cream are from a can), but the toast were really good. They are very soft and not mushy.My friend ordered a chicken and ham sandwich with carrot soup. The soup wasn’t served hot hot (maybe I just like soup really hot) but was very creamy with some special spices (which I cannot make out what it is), the baguette is not as moist as the steak one from time. Tastes great with the horseradish provided. I would recommend trying out the steak baguette if you’re a moist meat type of person. 🙂

They are quite busy and do not take reservation on the weekend, but during the weekday I would still recommend a call before you head over to avoid the wait. They are only open 9-4 M-F and every 2nd Saturday of the month as I remember, but sure is a neighbourhood gem. :9

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Marche St George

Found this cute little French cafe through online reviews. A traditional French cafe/corner store located in a quite neighborhood off Main St and King Edward.

They use vintage silver wares and ceramic bowls for your coffee and tea, seats are cover by quilts and soft fur rugs. There isn’t much to choose from for eating, but it’s a beautiful little place to enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee. It is a very self serve cafe with friendly staff.

Visit their homepage.


Monday – Wednesday 8am-6pm
Thursday – Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday – Sunday 9am-7pm

Location: 4393 St. George at the corner of 28th.

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Smoking Dog Bistro

Was going to an art show with two friends and would like to grab a quick lunch before hand, then we came across of this little bistro in the neighborhood of Kitslano. I got attracted by their name and the logo. 😛 The server greeted us right away when we entered the bistro and we were seated by the window (it was a nice sunny day!), the restaurant is spacious with clean and new furnishings.

I’ve ordered a free range chicken with mushroom sauce. The sauce were so yummy for the fries! Chicken was not overcooked and a little dry, but when the sauce it made it very juicy with great creamy flavour. I do not recall what my friends had ordered. 😛

It was a great environment for lunch and service was great. I would definitely go back again and maybe try out their dinner menu.

Smoking Dog Bistro website.

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