The Beach House

The restaurant sits right in front of the water, as I was walking towards the restaurant I can’t help but stop and take photos of the beautiful British Columbia scenic view. Then I knew right away this would be a perfect restaurant for any romantic dinner. We arrived sometime around sunset and it was just beautiful to see the sunset from outside and inside the restaurant. They also has a patio area that is enclosed by glass, which would allow you to enjoy the view fully while having a Sunday brunch.

To start, we ordered a few appetizers to share:
Wok Tossed Calamari – charred poblanos, peppers and red onion
This is a good appetizer, full of flavours and texture. Crispy and chewy, although it says wok tossed but it does still taste like it has been lightly fried already. But I do recommend this calamari and in comparison to many other restaurants, I like how this one is lighter in flavour and not deep fried.

Another great appetizer to share is mussels and clams, they were put in a lime and lemogross broth with mile red curry and coconut. This taste like Asian, something I have eaten in a Malaysian restaurant. Too similar that I thought maybe it is a replica. I am not saying it’s not good, it is good just tasted like a copy cat. So it didn’t feel anything special.

For entrée I ordered Spicy Scallop and Prawn Linguini (warning if you do not eat spicy please do not order this, because as a spicy eater this definitely has a kick to it). Made with fresh herbs, chilies, olive oil, white wine and tomatoe sauce, maybe lots of chilies…. 😛 When I took my first bite, I really liked the flavour of chilies and tomatoe sauce went together with passion. However the spicy comes after, as you kept going and indulge more the spice comes back up from your throat and literally you can be sweating from this. So I would recommend this dish to those who eats very spicy.

I also get to try my friend’s North Pacific Sablefish made with maple soy glaze served with spinach, shiitake mushrooms and soba noodles in dashi broth. Somehow this dish seems very Asian to me again, but of course almost 50% of the ingredients in this dish is Asian. The noodle is not exactly done properly (it is not that easy to prepare soba noodles perfectly). The sablefish is alright, I have to say a little bit disappointed at this dish. Everything is good, but maybe not for that price.

Overall I think The Beach House has beautiful ambience and gorgeous view, but aside from that I am not sure if their food is worth its price. Food are good, service is decent but maybe I would expect more at that price. However if you want something romantic or a new view, you really need to come take a look yourself.

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Mosaic Grille & Bar

Sorry this really should have been posted three months ago, but I got really busy with vacation and the holidays so now I am trying to post some old posts and get caught up. :3 When it was early fall, I noticed that Mosaic is doing a coupon for $27.00 which they call “Harvest Dining Pass”. The pass includes one set menu with a few selections
similar to the Dine Out Vancouver. I thought it was a great deal, so I invited a bunch of friends to go with me.

Yes, we are a very very large party (of 16). We were seated originally at the end of the restaurant in two separate tables but I asked to switch to one long table and they did that for us. 🙂  My friends all chose different variety of the items so I was able to try out almost everything.


You may choose from the following with the dining pass:
A.      Your choice of appie:
Fall Salad, baby carrots, beets, Tokyo turnips, fennel, pumpkins, tangerines dressing
The salad looks gorgeous, the beets were cut very thin. Almost like carpacio thin, but is beet suppose to be bitter and hard? You all should know from reading my other posts how much I love beet, but this wasn’t what I was expecting at all.


A la Minute Smoked Skuna Bay Salmon, kale nori, wasabi cauliflower puree
It was served on a marble plate and a glass dome lid. They will place it in front of you and open the lid, then smoke will come out! I still do not understand how they were able to do that. The salmon is good, with it lightly smoked and the visual presentation made it better. (Trust me, presentation matters.)

smoked salmon
Apple Lane Orchards Apples Bisque, roasted chestnut, spiced brandy cream
I have never had warm apple bisque (soup) and this was yummy, nice and creamy with fragrant apple. I think the apple did the trick of cutting through the cream. It was surely yum.

apple bisque
B.      Your choice of entree:
Seared Baja Ocean Wise Scallops, sweet potato, figs, prosciutto
All I can remember is how salty this is. Like seriously salty, all I
can taste was salt and nothing else. If there were not figs to clear
out, I don’t think I can finish this. I had to keep drinking water.


Sous Vide Lamb, broccoli rabe, butternut squash, spiced walnutslamb
Grilled Curried Cauliflower Steak, baby carrots, dates
C.      Your choice of dessert:
Pumpkin and Nutmeg Creme Brulee
Pumpkin, yes I can taste the pumpkin. It is so strong and rich, quite heavy to finish the whole thing. But if you like pumpkin you will probably love this. The flavour is amazing. (But of course I only took one bit, most of my friends cannot finish it because it is too heavy.)pumpkin creme brulee
Mosaic Chocolate Cake, signature triple layer cake
I know this is a triple layer cake, but was I served triple layer triple slices?!! The cake was so big it’s unbelievable. I was so shocked at how large the cake is. I couldn’t finish, had to take it home and ate it for breakfast for two days. XD Yes, it’s seriously that big. Another rice and heavy dessert, I felt I was filled up from the dessert instead of entrée.chocolate cake
In my personal opinion, I think $27 is acceptable for this quality of food. If I were to pay full price, I probably would not be so satisfied. But having said that, you should go and try it out yourself because a few of them are pretty amazing. They have great service, good location and a beautiful restaurant; but kitchen needs work. They are almost there, almost!

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When I was looking for new places to visit during this year’s Dine Out Vancouver, I have came across this. Looked at the menu and the interior photos of the restaurant, sparked my interest. So I paid a visit.

It was a little hidden, inside buildings across of the Steam Clock. I couldn’t really tell that was a restaurant from far away, it would looked more like a boutique with the apartments.

The moment I walked in, I already liked the look and feel to this place. I tried to imagine it in the summer with the gates open. Maybe my birthday party? Maybe. 🙂

Appetizer: Parsnip & Apple Soup, Dungeness Crab, Creme Fraiche & Crispy Parsnip

This is one delicious soup, I can taste the sweet apple scent in every bite. And some crispy parsnip and crab meat mad this soup soo soo good. 😛 I really liked it lots!

parsnip soup



Entrees: Sunchoke Risotto, Hedgehog Mushrooms, Pecorino, Shaved Truffles & Sunchoke Chips

OH I LOVE TRUFFLE!! XD It was so fragrant the moment the server put it down in front of me. I already wanted to dig in without taking a photo! But I didn’t. It was good, rice are cooked well. But I couldn’t finish, because it is very very filling.

Entress: Duck Breast, Leg Sausage, Roasted Squash, Savoy Cabbage, Fingerlings & Apple Soubise

I only had a bite of the duck breast. But I really needed to write about it because it was so tender!! I think probably the most tender I have tried so far (but I don’t eat much duck.) But I think I will reorder this next time I visit. Because it was very good. (Sorry didn’t get  a photo)


Dessert: Lemon Scented Pavlova, Sour Cherry Compote, Pistachio Mousse & Brittle

Pavolva are always very difficult to eat neatly, because they just shatter into pieces the moment you dig your fork in it. Like any other pavolva, it was very sweet and crunchy. I couldn’t finish it even with a sour cherry sauce. However I really really liked the pistachio mousse. It was very very delicious and light. Though not much pistachio taste. But so fluffy!! :3




I would love to revisit this place in the summer. I want to see those gates open. With good service and nice atmosphere – Birthday party. 😀

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Market by Jean-Georges

Located at Shangri-La Hotel, in Vancouver Downtown – this beautiful restaurant with awesome mood and delicate decor, their food is good but I expected more.


I finally revisited this place for Dine Out Vancouver 2013. Revisit because I have been here before in the lounge area just for the dessert and drinks, I absolutely loved one of its dessert so I thought the rest of  it should be not bad.


For a full list of Market‘s Dine Out Menu, please click here.


Since there were two of us, I get to try two sets of different items on their dine out menu. Here we go!


Beet Salad with Greek yogurt, herbs and chili

Beet cooked perfectly, very sweet and tasted great with Greek yogurt though I am not quite sure where is the chili…

beet salad

Butternut squash soup with black trumpet mushrooms

Very delicious squash soup, cooked very fine also.

squash soup


Grilled Berkshire Pork Chop with steamed mushrooms and XO sauce

I’m not sure if it is because being an Asian girl, XO sauce is a verily common sauce used at home. Especially my mom is an expert at making home made XO sauce, tasting their pork chop with XO sauce on top didn’t impress me at all. It is good, but this taste like something my mother makes at home.

pork chop with xo sauce

Slowly Cooked Steelhead with truffle mashed potato and Brussel sprouts

Steelhead (salmon) fresh and tender, served with light Brussel sprouts which balanced the flavour of truffle mashed potato. However I do wish there is just a tad bit more of truffle flavour. Overall this dish is a little lack of interesting flavour.

steelhead with truffled mashed potato


Cheesecake with kumquat marmalade and tangerine sorbet

This was quite a surprise, it was a very normal cheesecake but the kumquat marmalade is very yummy with the cheesecake. I especially liked the tangerine sorbet! I couldn’t resist but to finish that even though I was really full. 😛

kumquat cheesecake

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

Warm on the inside, the moment you dig in chocolate syrup spills out. Tasted delicious with vanilla ice cream.

warm chocolate cake

Overall, I liked my experience there. Service and atmosphere is really good, however I did expect a little more of the food. I will revisit if my friends select this restaurant, otherwise this won’t be one of my top choices.

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