Penang Delight Cafe 馬來檳城美食

I sort of wish to have tried out this restaurant earlier! I tried out the sushi place next door for lunch and finally gave this Malaysian place a try. The moment I entered the restaurant, I loved all the decor and authentic vibe it gave out (including the staff).


At 6:30pm, Penang is already quite busy. It got even busier as we were enjoying our dinner and I also notice a lot of take-out orders.


To start, ordered a Roti Canai– Crispy Indian style pancake served with curry dipping sauce. Oh, how I love roti!! These sweet soft pancakes are so delicious, maybe I should learn how to make them so I can enjoy them all day long at home. 😛 This store makes them very well also.


And this grass jelly in soy bean milk – was very interesting and good. I never thought I could have grass jelly in sweet soy bean milk. I am sure this would taste great with a sccop with coconut ice cream also. :9


Sambal Kang Kong  – Stir fried water spinach with shallots, garlic in sambal paste. Spicy water spinach is one of my favorite vegetables to order at most Chinese restaurant. But they always seem especially good in Malaysian/Singapore restaurants.



Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken – Coconut milk rice served with sambal, ikan bilis, peanuts, and rendang chicken. I always enjoy coconut milk rice, and this one seems extra delicious for some reason. Maybe because of the chicken and the sambal, I loved this dish. Would make a very easy and tasty lunch also!

Will revisit 🙂

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