Swiss Bakery

Swiss Bakery
Swiss Bakery

Let’s go have some famous frissant/cronut – this flaky pastry with mouth watering creamy filling is a must try. Although their available hours and flavours are not very stable. I suggest checking out their website or calling before heading in.

Swiss Bakery

There is a very good reason why this is so popular, the super flaky pastry is just so delicious.

I so far tried three flavours:

Chocolate – Is this a classic flavour? I hope so, and I hope they always offer it. Because I absolutely love it!


Raspberry Rhubarb – Refreshing light tart flavour from rhubarb balances out the sweet pastry.

Swiss Bakery

Cafe Au Lait (coffee) – I don’t really know what went wrong here. The pastry is still great, but something about the cream is very odd tasting. It doesn’t taste like coffee, I am not sure what I am actually eating. It was indescribably flavour but not in a good way.

Swiss Bakery


Also try out their other pastry, they all look very delicious. I had a fresh croissant which was so yum. I believe they do their flaky pastry really well. So anything with flakes, take a bite. 😉

Swiss Bakery

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Beta 5

This review is kind of late, because I know Beta 5 had came out so long ago. But it’s better late than never. :p

I had been meaning to go get these delicious cream puffs (perhaps their chocolate?), but somehow I always ended up not going or they are not open. Finally one a day off, I decided to finally venture this place.

Beta 5

From the directions from a friend, I really didn’t know about this area. Full of industrial warehouses, Beta 5 is one of the small warehouses within. They do not have seating, I strongly suggest just buying take out and enjoy it at a park with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Beta 5

Although Beta 5 was really famous for their chocolate, but it seems like their cream puffs have stolen the thunder. They are available in about 12+ flavours, from yuzu to chocolate and some very interesting flavours. All flavours are great combinations with each other, each telling you a different story. So far I have visited twice and tried out five different kinds of flavours:

Beta 5

Blueberry Yuzu – Citrus taste of yuzu and blueberry is very dominant, if you are not into any sour flavour items. I wouldn’t try this, however I personally like sour stuff. 🙂

Coconut Passionfruit – I never though these two flavours would work so perfectly with each other with over powering each other. I am very impressed by this one.

Salted Caramel – With a chunk of salt sprinkled on top, they make sure you can taste the salt. :p

Raspberry Earl Grey – I can taste the raspberry, but not sure where is the Earl Grey?

Vietnamese Coffee – smooth delicious coffee flavour, with a hint of vanilla. This is a must try for a lot of coffee lovers.

Beta 5

Overall, these are very good puffs. A little on the sweet side, but the pastry of these puffs are so crispy is hard to resist. I would recommend this place if you are looking for a place to get some good puffs to bring to a party. 🙂

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L’Opera Patisserie

I visited this cake shop several times in the last month.  I have to say I quite liked their beautiful decor! It’s perfect for photos. 😀  Tiny little cafe that only fits four tables with the looks of royalty, you do feel a little royal while you are in there. 😉


First time I went it was fully packed with tables of high tea services. So the three of us sat at a tiny table right by the entrance ordering individual cakes and macarons to test out.


Blueberry Tart with an adorable lady bug chocolate – like their other cakes, every one of them are decorated with care.


Mille-Feuille (Napoliean) – Previously I have had napolieans at lots of Asian bakery places and most of the time I don’t like it. Reason is the fluffy pasty is usually inside with cream around and very little fruits and lots of almonds.. and I think you can imagine how soggy the fluffy pastry will become after it sits with the cream for a while. So I sort of had this fear towards napoliean… XD But when I saw this one I thought maybe I can give it a try. I did not regret it at all. Napolieans are always messy to eat because the fluffy crispy pastry on the outside usually shatters and this one did too. But I loved the fresh raspberries to divide the pastries not to touch the cream. I loved this!!! wpid-dsc_0222

I ordered their raspberry rose macaron, with a beautiful fragrant of rose and sweets of raspberry in the middle. I absolutely adorable this macaron. What I liked the most, they are not too sweet! I think I just let it out win all macarons that I have had so far. Sorry for cheating. 😛

Second time back for a quick tea with a girlfriend after work, once again I ordered individual cakes.



It was a boiling summer afternoon, I just couldn’t get myself to have hot tea even though I drove. So I ordered an iced L’Opera tea – I am not sure is it because I kept poking my lemon so my L’Opera tea that is suppose to have hint of smell of chocolate just tasted like lemon iced tea. 😛

My girlfriend’s Mango Religieuse (they actually have other flavours decorated with different colours)  – basically two pastry dome with flavoured cream inside. The mango flavour is nice and strong.


I ordered it again… XD


Blackberries Charlotte – look at the beautiful chocolate butterfly!!! I just love their cute edible decorations on the cake. Blackberry mousse filling layered with sponge cake with lady finger like shell. Oh how come I never tried this cake anywhere else? Delicious mousse filling!


Finally I came back for high tea (okay, maybe it is a little obsessive :P) I can kind of see why this place is always so crowded. Their prices are not outrageous for their high tea service ($25.00/person). They have good service, the staffs are friendly and kind.



Lots of miniature pastries in their high tea – mini blueberry tarts, caramelized cream puff (surprisingly yummy with the caramelized sugar on top), mille-feuille.



I tried out their sesame macaron, equally yummy but I think my favourite is still raspberry rose. :3 The only thing I don’t like is the scone… it was SOOO hard. Like literally hard… I don’t really know what happened there. I will revisit, I just love this little cafe to bits!

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Butter Baked Goods & Cafe

When my friend first told me about this place, I got instantly attracted by the name of the cafe. They also have an afternoon tea room which serves afternoon tea service. Which I am excited to try also. 😀

Butter Cafe is quite far away from where I live, but I don’t regret making this trip. The place is adorable and everything had this modern vintage feel to it.


Was here for a late lunch/tea with friends so we ordered sandwiches, quiche and tart.

Lemon Meringue Tart

I ordered a lemon meringue tart (when I checked the website, I realized that it is a Saturday special unless you order in advance) with butter tea. The tart shell was quite stiff, I made a giant noise trying to crack it open with my fork. 😛 But the lemon curd was sour and refreshing. I loved it! Also loved how it was sort of mini size.

Butter Tea

Their sandwiches, soup and quiche are changed daily so whatever is in season and whatever they feel like making! Which I think it’s great, because if you revisit often. You can always try out different things.

Quiche of the Day

I took a small bite out of my friend’s quiche of the day, very delicious. Quiche tends to scare me because most ones I try elsewhere are very oily. These were perfect.

Ham and BrieHam and brie on rye. I am sure there are many people out there who doesn’t enjoy rye because they tend to be drier and rougher. But I think brie and rye are such perfect match to each other.

LatteAll drinks are served with a tiny cookie that goes well with your drink. Which I find very cute also.

I would love to try out their tea room for afternoon tea service soon!!
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Cadeaux Bakery

I don’t quite recall how I found this place. I think I was randomly looking at some cake shops online and I came upon this. On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, I came here for a slice of cake to cheer myself up from the depressing weather Vancouver had been getting.

cashier area

If I read everything correctly from their website, Cadeaux head pastry chef had worked at Blue Water Cafe and Lumiere. He decided to come out and start his own business on the edge of Gastown – I say edge because this is close to Chinatown.

Upon entrance, I notice how large their store is. Lots of empty spaces (but only a few tables for sitting) but a very large open kitchen. (It is rare to see open baking kitchen) I was so delighted to watch the pastry chef work while I enjoyed his cake. 😛


While browsing through their website and doing my research, there is this cake name which caught my eye – London Fog Cake. Oh I must give this one a try!! So I did. 😉

london fog layer cake

Very fragrant cake, with sweet aroma of tea and the dense texture of the cake seems to have embed a lot of tea aroma. This cake wasn’t overly sweet at the beginning, I am not sure why as I went through it somehow it got sweeter and then I got really full and couldn’t finish it… Don’t get my wrong I enjoyed the cake but half way through with a cup of latte, it filled me up so quickly.
london fog layer cake inside


I liked this cake shop, however because of the location I would be reluctant to re visit. Need to revisit with more people, and during the day.

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Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Hot Chocolate Festival is here, I have seen this festival in previously last year but never got around to try out any of the cafes. So this year along with Dine Out Vancouver, I am also enjoying all the hot chocolate I can find. 😉

Beaucoup cafe located on Fir (close to Grandville Island) but is addressed as Kitslano. (It is a little complicated to explain the location, it would be much easier to google it.) I have first noticed their Facebook advertising and had been wanting to try since they opened (Winter 2012).

So finally last Sunday I paid a visit and also get to try out their hot chocolate with passion fruit. They were so busy on a Sunday afternoon, packed with people and every table filled! We ordered our items and quickly got a window bar seat near the door.

Of course if I am in ANY bakery place, I just need to get myself a piece of pastry. Sharing with a girlfriend, we got ourselves lemon tart and apple tart.


This lemon tart is very sour, but it was good sour. Very concentrated lemon with buttery tart crust. It was also very pleasant to look at while I eat it up. 😛IMG_7562

The apple tart was so cutely decorated with an apple stem and a slice of green apple as leaf. It was also very good, very strong apple (sauce?) flavour and delicious tart crust.

Our tarts were given to us right away and we waited for a long time for our hot chocolate. Then I went to check again and they realized that they never got the order.

The passion fruit was a strong force. 😛 It was so fragrant that almost taste like perfume (in a good way). This drinking chocolate is not too sweet but has a beautiful passion fruit aroma was very delicious. Though I got full quite fast. The small heart cookie that came with the chocolate has salt on it, which tasted great with the hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

This is one energetic cafe (probably because of the size, therefore feels more packed). I had a few moments of hard to heard during my conversation, but it died down towards their closing time.

I like the feel and look of this cafe, and would revisit again. Hopefully next time it will be less crowded! And they won’t forget my order. 😛

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Savary Island Pie Company

I have heard lots and lots of Savory Island Pie Company and it was very busy considering it was a very early morning. It was a very small rustic cafe that had a lot of very large tables, made it a very awkward kind of seating. I am not sure why they wanted to put a super large table in the centre taking up all the room, would probably fit more people with smaller tables everywhere. (Just a thought…)

I love having dessert for breakfast, if I can I will do it everyday. 😛 So for my perfect dessert breakfast there will be latte and lemon buttermilk pie with blueberries.


The latte is average, though I am hoping for a little bit more milk… This one is towards the coffee side.This buttermilk pie is very very lemony, very sour – if you don’t like sour please don’t try. But I like sour so I really liked this slice of pie. And I was very very full after eating this with half a cup of my coffee. There isn’t much for you to eat there… or maybe I just don’t know how to order. They do sell lots of different other pastries and I was a little overwhelm. I am sure this is a great pie to go place if you live around the area.

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Thomas Haas (2)

It’s been a while since I have went back, so on a nice Sunday afternoon I revisit this place with two girlfriends. If it wasn’t that far away from home, I would definitely revisit more often. Once again so nice to smell the great coffee aroma in the air as I enter this place. But this time it was really busy (Saturday afternoon), fully packed and if it wasn’t my friend who got there early, I think we’ll have to wait for a bit for an available seat.

Decaf latte

I asked the staff which of the cake is seasonal (I always want to eat seasonal or limited time items. :P) and she recommended this one to me. I didn’t feel strong urge of chocolate, so I am happy with this fruity tart. Fresh raspberry with and crispy almonds on the side made this a very nice refreshing tart and worked really well with my latte. Sweet sour and creamy bitter, so perfect.

My friend arrived late and ordered the pear almond tart and I got to try it out. This one is a lot sweeter but tender soft center paired with crunchy tart shell.

Once again I enjoyed everything here!

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CC Violin Patisserie & Café

After a visit at the famous pie shop, I am hungry for some sweets. (This was one sweet Sunday morning. :P) Then I noticed this place, and their display case full of cakes.

Then my eyes stopped right at this Green Apple, it’s so cute! I couldn’t resist looking at it, I kept looking at other items but my eyes always ended up here at the bright green apple. So I just had to order it. 😛
I think I kept my hopes up a little too high, seeing how beautiful this cake looks. Because the shape of the apple is made from white chocolate and the mousse inside is very very soft, the moment I put my fork on it with pressure, the apple slide apart in half. Then I tried to break it slowly with my fork, wasn’t very successful. It was all over the place. And before I knew it, it was too late. But aside from that, the mousse inside is nice and soft with caramel sauce. However I would enjoy it so much more if it wasn’t that sweet. The whole thing was overly sweet that I just couldn’t keep eating it. I had to leave half of my cake on the plate! 😮

Aside from the sweet, I had to eat something savoury. So I ordered this horseradish turkey ham and jack cheese open face sandwich. Oh it was so yummy!! Very strong horseradish and tasted great with jack cheese. However it was also very filling very quickly. But boy do I like this sandwich.

And being a super sweet tooth, I had to order this pistachio mousse to go and enjoy this on my sunny glass house. 😛
I picked this because I think it won’t be too sweet, but it was still quite sweet. However it was really nice texture and tiny bits of chewy pistachio and its fragrant. I enjoyed this also. 🙂

I had to buy this. Because they were offering samples, I tried a passion fruit (yellow). And I just fell in love instantly. The flavour and fragrant was bursting. Like seriously, I enjoyed every bit of this super soft passion fruit fragrant marshmallow. The cherry (pink) wasn’t as fragrant, but I enjoyed it also. But I LOVE the passion fruit one. I miss it already.

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Andrea’s Original Coffee & Cake

Found this place on Urbanspoon which a super high rating, so I must visit. It was so close to home anyways. This little strip of shops are among residential area, you probably wouldn’t know about it unless someone tells you or you live in the area.

This shop is also full of old customers who lives in the area, why I know because of the way the staff talks to their customers. They almost talk like they are families.

To start the morning I shared a turkey club panini with a friend along with a chai latte. The turkey sandwich was delicious. With jack cheese I believe, oh so yummy. But a very odd thing I found was that when I got home later, I was very very thirsty. Like VERY. I had to drink lots and lots of water. I am not sure if there’s extra msg or butter or salt in the food I was eating.

Latte was good, should have asked for unsweetened. But still good. 🙂
And then I couldn’t help but notice while I am having my breakfast how the whole place is surrounded by photos of their custom made cakes. They are all so cute or so cool. As I kept looking at the pictures, I had to get a cupcake to try. 😛

Oh the icing the was so buttery and creamy smooth. I don’t know how she managed to get that beautiful reflective color onto her icing. It was so pretty and so yummy. I would considering getting a cake made from this place in the future. 🙂

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