La Petite Cuillère

At the old location of Death By Chocolate on Kingsway(?). I came here on a Tuesday afternoon after my work off early and there was no one person in this tea shop. But I have heard some good reviews about this place so I had to come by to try.

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The moment I walked into this tea shop, I just fell in love with the decor. It was so vintage, everything!! It sort of reminds me of an old vintage shop with an English accent. 😛 But really, I felt like I am in England (though I’ve never been).


It was a hot day, so a cold iced tea was just so yummy! This iced black tea has sweet and fruity floral flavours, perfect for a hot summer day. (This is only available during the summer, May-September.)


Their cups and saucers are very beautiful, I wonder if the owner collected them all from vintage stores (just like my collection at home? :P). IMG_7216

Unfortunately they do not have any afternoon tea serves during the weekdays (only available Friday to Sunday – see details here.) But they had their petite (small) tea available and since it was 1pm lunch time, we also ordered a sandwich.

La petite cuillère Tea – Two miniature sweets and one of their signature cupcake (maple bacon for that day). Served with a choice of premium loose leaf tea selection (I’ve selected Mango Green –Wonderfully pan fired greens blended with Mangos give this tea a fresh, sweet taste.)

The two miniature sweets I got was a raspberry tart and chocolate brownie. However, I think I got an extra mini blueberry cheesecake also. 😛 These are very simple sweets but they were very tasty in a minature sizes. Just right for sweet tooth lunch!

Then this is the Maple Bacon Cupcake, happens to be feature of the month. I had maple bacon ice cream before, and this is similar taste to it but in a fluffy cupcake form. 🙂 Very tasty but a little over sweet on the icing.IMG_7220


Smoked Salmon with Herbed Cream Cheese and Asparagus Panini – Smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese and asparagus Panini, served with a seasonal green salad and caesar dressing. This is a very delicious panini, freshly made and pressed. Served hot. :)I know this place also has brunch/lunch available, I would love to come back here for a brunch or the actual afternoon tea service. It’s such a beautiful place, I wonder if I can just sit there by myself with a cup of tea and a piece of cake for two hours and just read? Need to try.La Petite Cuillère on Urbanspoon


I had been to this restaurant twice and everytime I love it even more. A sister restaurant of Ginyo. When I first saw it and the line up waiting outside of it, I thought hey what is the hype?! 😛 So I paid a visit about two months ago and again this month. This is a Japanese ‘Snackbar’ (which really means izakaya – go wiki izakaya to get a full understand why this is the most favourite and popular place to go in Japan) With awesome decor and excellent service.

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Like many Japanese Izakaya, you order tons of tapas to share among your table with drinks. My friends aren’t the drinking type, so we ordered lots of food and Suika soda. (Suika means watermelon in Japanese, therefore it is a watermelon soda.) It actually tasted pretty good, I am sure they have an alcohol mixed version of this if you are into drinking. 🙂

Since there are too many food that I have ordered (I can’t remember names for all of them.) I’ll talk about five items that I liked the most during this visit that I would recommend.

Corn Karaage – Deep fried corn bits combined into one tasty piece of heaven.

Oh my, I saw a recommendation of this on Urbanspoon and no doubt it should be. It was so yummy! Lightly fried with butter and batter on these sweet little juicy corn bits. I love every bite of it. This is a must order – will go so well with Asahi. 😛

I am so sorry but I cannot remember what the name of this is. I think it’s a daily special? But let me describe it to you and hopefully the friendly staff can help you with it. It is almost like a salad with some spring mix but sashimi bits with this sweet and sour sauce that taste a bit balsamic vinegar. With fresh green onion with tobikos. You simply put some of those on the baked baguette they serve with, trust me this is yummy and very refreshing – helps open up your appetite.

The lotus root pizza is on the daily special menu. I never thought of eating the lotus root this way. 😛 But it is good! Because if you really think about it, most pizzas are soft without any crunchy or chewy items on top. The lotus root would give you that crunch for sure. I loved the texture and the flavour. So have a bite while it’s there. 🙂

Sashimi ‘Shake’ Salad is recommended by our server. Reason why it’s called ‘Shake’ Salad is because they literally shake it in front of you. The salad with sashimi is put into a jar with the salad dressing. They shake it around in the jar in front of you and pour it into the bowl to serve. Taste like any good sashimi salad but you see the presentation matters too. 😉

I am not a 100% sure that this is the sushi party – but it is one of the sushi combo dish. (There are only a few I believe.) I had to try out their sushi bar (otherwise it really misses the point of going to a Japanese restaurant :P) Their fish are fresh and good pressure on the rice. This one I have ordered are generally heavier flavoured sushi – which works really well with all the heavy flavoured items they serve. (Generally in Japan if you eat sushi you eat from most flavourless to the most flavourful, so you can truly taste the true taste of each kind of sushi.)

In general I really enjoyed this place, their quality of food is as good as Ginyo. I like how it is not in Downtown and easier for me to reach to. Great place for groups!

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Q-Go Ramen

I never noticed this restaurant before until my brother who works in the area told me about it. So I decided to go give it a try with a few friends. Q-Go Ramen is on Broadway cross Granville. This is a CASH ONLY restaurant.

This restaurant’s interior design is like other ramen places, cozy but not overly crowded. But never any places to put your bags or jackets. 😛 But it is the same in Japan anyways.

Good that I went with a few friends so I can try a bit of everything. This is the chasu don – the chasu is actually really good, the right amount of fat with the pork and wasn’t overly oily.

Shoyu Ramen – This is a lighter soup, but I enjoyed it. It didn’t gave me this really oily and too filling feeling. I was able to drink a little bit of soup. The chasu is very good and tender.

My friend’s Miso Ramen which I tried the soup, a little lighter than most ramen places. But it is good that it wasn’t too heavy. And noodle is the right chewiness. 🙂

This is a Taiwanese run Japanese ramen place, therefore you don’t get the typical strong flavoured ramen soup bases you get at other ramen places. If you are not into strong flavour, you can definitely this out. The waitress was very friendly and made sure everything was okay and answer all the questions when asked. I would revisit just because of the no line ups, moderate price, friendly service and environment.

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French Made Baking

Saw this place and got attracted by the tower of macarons by the window.

It is very pretty, the bakery is very cute and full of fresh bakery smell. I went there to buy a box of macarons for Mother’s Day dessert. Since I was preparing a Mother’s Day dinner at home, so I got these desserts to go.

Earl Grey Ganache Tart – just by the name of it, I started drooling. Sounds so yummy! It was yummy but I really just couldn’t taste any Earl Grey at all. Maybe the chocolate ganache was too strong, which covered the light Earl Grey flavour. But tart crust is very good with soft and smooth chocolate ganache.

This is lemon meringue tart with rosewater. Very beautiful presentation and good lemon filling without being too sour but where is the rosewater? Once again I didn’t taste much difference than an original lemon meringue tart.

Since I got them to go and I got so many I really couldn’t tell what’s what by the time I ate them. 😛 The flavours include: Jasmine white chocolate ganache, Passion fruit, Pistachio, Litchi/Rose, Earl Grey, Raspberry and Yuzu.

Okay there are few distinctive ones that I can tell such as Pistachio. Mint with dark chocolate ganache? Raspberry – quite good. Yuzu sort of taste like butterscotch. Or it was butterscotch… I tasted the Litchi/Rose a lot, it was actually the best one that I enjoyed. (Or maybe I can actually taste what it is) Overall the taste of the macarons were a little sweet but okay if you have them with tea or coffee, texture were also very good.

But here is the horror, my brother got a piece of plastic object in one of the Yuzu. At first he thought it was a nail so all of us almost threw up. But after a closer look it was a piece of hard plastic (we assume it’s from some sort of container or packing). This scared me a bit, I don’t know if I will ever go back.

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