Glenburn Soda Fountain


I had been venturing around my own neighborhood and found many neighborhood gems to visit! This little soda fountain and ice cream store is a sweet sweet memory from the past. The moment you enter, you will instantly think of the song “Milkshake”. Giant ice cream cone display with shelves filled with retro candies from the 80s.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE




(instagram photo :p)

They specialize in fountain soda (which you can pick and choose your flavours just like the old days). They have daily feature flavours and all classic ones to choose from. I had a lavender lemon soda, which I really enjoyed. Light lavender aroma with a kick of citrus and lots of frizz! :3 Reminds me of childhood.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

They also offer local ice cream from Birchwood Dairy and many different types of ice cream treats such as float, egg cream, sundaes, malts and of course milkshake.

This delicious maple pecan fudge sundae was perfect after dinner and satisfy that sweet tooth craving. Topped with lots of whipping cream! 😀 Lots of flavours and texture and warm chocolate syrup at the bottom, oh so yummy.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThen also got a salted caramel on a cone, their ice cream is very smooth and creamy. Very classic.

This place is adorable, and great for an ice cream break on a hot summer day (days that we had been getting in Vancouver). I would say this is a heavy for many small children and big adults. Lots of fun and memories just sitting in this little shop.

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Cameilla Tea & Coffee


When I first heard that they have opened a cafe near Royal Oak I was so excited. The daughter and son of Accord House has open a dessert cafe next to Royal Oak Skytrain station, as you have read in my previous Accord House posts how much I love their tea and dessert.


They opened about couple months ago. Big spacious space  (looks like two stores combined into one), lots of seats and not too close to each other. I visited twice so far since their opening, and I really love this place. They have relatively long hours for cafes in Burnaby, which is one factor I love.


Almond croissant, crispy croissant with slices of almonds and sprinkled with icing sugar. They also will reheat/double bake it for you to enjoy it hot. I love hot croissant, such an indulgence.


Carrot Pineapple Cupcake – full piece of pineapple in the center of this carrot cake. Gave it moisture, away from the traditional dry carrot cake.


Berry Creme Cake – bits of sour berries on top on a creamy pie/cake with flaky pie pastry. My favourite so far.


Hazelnut Almond chocolate – this tastes like Ferroro Roche in a cake, oh I loved it! If you are into Ferror Roche, you should try this. This is my favourite next to the Berry Creme Cake (yes I have two favourites. :P)



Chocolate Ganache Tart – think heavy chocolate gananche centre on a cripsy tart base, but you’ll be surprise how it is not super hard to poke through like most chocolate gananche tart.



They have a decent size of tea selection and many of them which you can make into tea latte. Try their tea latte! By using different types of herbal, black and green tea, their tea latte won’t disappoint you. I have tried many many different flavours from them, ask them to recommend. 🙂




Parfait – the very first dessert I had at their original Accord House. Then it made me return again and again to try out their different dessert. Light custard at the bottom topped with fruits and cream and cake bits, they are famous for this. You really need to dig in.



Yes this was shared between two girls, but hey dessert is a different stomach right? :p



New York Cheesecake – class New York Cheesecake, quite dense but really I like Cheesecake etc. so I am bias. 😛
Exif_JPEG_PICTUREPassion fruit soda with mint – bits of sour berries and sweet passion fruit bubbled up by soda, a very delicious summer drink.

Their desserts did not disappoint me, maybe it is just that they all fit my Asian taste bud. Not too sweet, light and fluffy for the most part. I know their desserts are house made, so if you are unsure of an ingredient you can always ask. Their menu changes once in a while, so there will be always new things to try (which I have yet to discover.) This is a self serve cafe, you order and find a seat and grab your order when it’s ready. I am just so glad that they have opened a cafe! I will visit often like a crazy dessert lady. XD

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Beautiful Island 風信子台式料理

I have been to this bubble tea place numerous of times, from before they have renovated until now. I think this place has been around for almost ten plus years and still going. Reason? I believe good food and great value. They are a Taiwanese owned family business, used to be very homey with the older decor. Right now the interior looks much more modern and sleek. Their menu has also changed after the renovation, it sells mainly meal combos much like any other Taiwanese bubble tea places. Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Their combo usually comes with a small cup of black tea (lightly sweeten), a bowl of rice, and three small side dishes (vegetables two hot and one cold) – soy sauce braised tofu  (I find this one quite salty for my liking, need to remove it from the sauce to prevent further soaking of the sauce), stir fried cabbage and picked cucumbers.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Simmer-fried fish steak – deep fried fish steak then topped with sweet soy sauce. When this was eaten fresh, you get to taste the crunch and crisp of the fish. But need to eat the moment they serve it because the sauce will deflate the crisp really fast and turns into not so good fish. Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE BI Flame Grilled Chicken – house made sauce marinated chicken then flame grilled. There is a special aroma and somewhat close to teriyaki sauce but it is not. Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Buttered mushrooms. I find this one a little too casual, I know this is a family run restaurant but this mushroom was watering like crazy plus I think they’ve chopped everything up way too much made it very hard to pick up with all the water. Exif_JPEG_PICTUREScallion Ginger Chicken – steamed boneless chicken topped with onion and ginger sauce served chilled. This is my favourite so far out of all the ones I’ve tried so far. Delicious ginger onion sauce on top of cold boneless tender chicken, the texture and the flavour is so perfect together. And yes reminds me of home. Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Grass Jelly Milk – okay I don’t know where I’ve been but obviously I had been missing out. How come I never noticed they have this? Lightly sweeten grass jelly in sweet milk, the grass jelly I believe are also house made because they’re very soft and can be sucked through a straw. I couldn’t stop myself from drinking this and got full really fast. :p This place have always have good food, but do not expect service. I consider this an easy quiet bubble tea place I often visit to avoid crowd so I can talk to the people I share food with.


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Riverway Club


Inside the Burnaby Riverway Golf Club, the restaurant has a view of the river is a very popular wedding venue in Burnaby. I have been to the driving range of this golf club but never for the clubhouse restaurant. This year for Dine Out Vancouver I have finally gave this restaurant a try. Their set dinner menu is in the medium range ($28.00 for one person), which I think for the quality and portion of food is a great value for most people.


For appetizer I have selected the seared scallop with pork belly. Seared scallop is crusted with sesame, which I absolutely loved. I never thought about how well scallop and sesame can go together. Usually seared scallops have a nice crisp crust, but this one has an extra fragrance that comes along with the sesame. Pork belly was done well and was not overly oily or too much fat topped with crispy pear (which add a lightly refreshing taste to the pork belly).



Another appetizer being served is lobster tail. (Really $28 set dinner that serves lobster tail as appetizer is very good value… but of course they are doing dine out; basically they do not make much money.) However I would think this is alright. It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t anything exceptional about this lobster tail, yes I can taste its freshness but aside from there. But hey you get the whole lobster tail, and it is fresh so what more can you really ask for?



Roasted prime rib seems to be a popular choice while I was there that night. I see many of them on the rest of the tables in the restaurant. I normally don’t order prime rib, but I saw this: “shitake mushroom butter sauce” 😛 The sauce was indeed amazing, very creamy and smooth and worked perfectly with the tender and juicy prime rib. (And the prime rib was so big that I really only ate 1/3 of it….) This dish is served with chickpea panisse, a healthier alternative to fries. If you like chickpea, you will like this. I like chickpea. 😀 Although it falls apart when you try to pick it up, but was so delicious with house-made tomatoe sauce.


Their dinner includes appetizer and entrée with a choice of chocolate (dessert) buffet or a cup of tiramisu. So I ordered a tiramisu while the rest of went for the chocolate buffet.

Tiramisu is good, traditional with ladies’ fingers that have soaked lots of coffee liqueur. :9

Now if you are a chocoholic you will fall right in love with their chocolate buffet. Various of chocolate flavoured dessert for you to indulge. Chocolate mousse, chocolate cupcake, chocolate tart, chocolate ganache, chocolate cake, etc. Yes, go right ahead and get fat. I tried out a couple and they were all good desserts, this is definitely a bonus point to many chocolate lovers.



I am not sure about their regular menu pricing, but with the dine out pricing for the portion and quality of the food this is worth a try place. I also did some research they also have some special brunch menus and promotions through until March that would give you an opportunity to try out their stuff at a great price.

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Kamamarui Ramen Sushi

My brother took me to this new ramen place in Burnaby. He told me three times that I should try, so I did. As I came to the place, it has a very cute entrance with a lantern outside with RAMEN (in Japanese) written on it. As I entered the restaurant the first thing I noticed is, there are only tables enough to seat 10 people in the restaurant. But don’t get me wrong because there are room, just not enough seats. Rustic and raw decor.


Then the second thing I noticed is the very happy staff/store owner. His smile is just unforgettable. I cannot remember the last time I saw such a happy genuine smile in the customer service industry. This, I cannot take a photo and you need to go see for yourself. But his service will be something that you will tell your friends about this place. Trust me. 🙂


So from the recommendations from my brother we order a ramen + bomb combo and a sushi roll combo.



You need to try the BOMB – seasoned seaweed with rice teriyaki sauce nigiri. These are so delicious!!! Even though you can really get full, and we ordered two orders. But they are so tasty I had to eat two pieces! 😛 Chewy rice with seaweed flavour! :9Kamamrui

When you order spicy ramen or the regular, essentially it is the same ramen but the spicy sauce comes on the side.


Let’s talk about the ramen, the broth is not overly creamy and not too salty. Nice chewy noodle but one thing I noticed is also what my brother mentioned is that they do not use fatty meat for their cha-shu. Yes, that’s right. Even from the photo you can see that there is no fatty meat. But without fatty meat, the cha-shui is still quite tender. But I think it’s hard to control that for every single piece. I noticed certain pieces are more tender some are tougher. But I quite like the non-fat cha-shu.


Soft Eggs – these are delicious eggs topped with sweet soysauce/teriyaki sauce. I recommended these to an egg lover and he absolutely loved it. 😛


I ordered the chopped scallop and the cheese dynamite roll. You know they are decent sushi – but I tend to notice this with lots of Korean own sushi places is that the rice is rolled not tight enough. Sushi rices tend to fall off before I can pick up the piece with my chopsticks. But aside from that the sushi are good tasting.

But afterall I love their BOMB. :9 I just can’t get enough. 😉

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Penang Delight Cafe 馬來檳城美食

I sort of wish to have tried out this restaurant earlier! I tried out the sushi place next door for lunch and finally gave this Malaysian place a try. The moment I entered the restaurant, I loved all the decor and authentic vibe it gave out (including the staff).


At 6:30pm, Penang is already quite busy. It got even busier as we were enjoying our dinner and I also notice a lot of take-out orders.


To start, ordered a Roti Canai– Crispy Indian style pancake served with curry dipping sauce. Oh, how I love roti!! These sweet soft pancakes are so delicious, maybe I should learn how to make them so I can enjoy them all day long at home. 😛 This store makes them very well also.


And this grass jelly in soy bean milk – was very interesting and good. I never thought I could have grass jelly in sweet soy bean milk. I am sure this would taste great with a sccop with coconut ice cream also. :9


Sambal Kang Kong  – Stir fried water spinach with shallots, garlic in sambal paste. Spicy water spinach is one of my favorite vegetables to order at most Chinese restaurant. But they always seem especially good in Malaysian/Singapore restaurants.



Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken – Coconut milk rice served with sambal, ikan bilis, peanuts, and rendang chicken. I always enjoy coconut milk rice, and this one seems extra delicious for some reason. Maybe because of the chicken and the sambal, I loved this dish. Would make a very easy and tasty lunch also!

Will revisit 🙂

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Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria


When it first opened, my friend recommended me go try them out. So I did! This location used to be Anducci’s (if anyone still remember this). I was seated outside, so I cannot tell if it was renovated from Auducci’s, but I believe not much have changed.


Cotto still served Italian dishes, with wood fire brick forno pizzas. (Similar items to Anducci’s.) So of course we had to order pasta and pizza to complete our casual Italian dinner at Cotto.


Looking at some of the signature dishes we found the Pizza Cotto – Yukon Gold potato, Sloping Hill pancetta, fried brussel sprout leaves, Gorgonzola dolce, fonduta

I enjoyed the flavours of this pizza, quite subtle but very tasty. However the brussel sprout leaves were quite bitter (I never had it before, this is my first time), but I think it would taste much better without the bitter leaves. 😛


Papardelle Carbonara – Two Rivers guanciale, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, roast garlic, 63 degree egg. Now what is 63 degree egg, did they actually measured that when they cooked it? XD But regardless this is a delicious pasta with the pata cooked just right.


For dessert, I’ve ordered the Salted Caramel Budino – Butterscotch pudding, Maldon sea salt, rosemary biscotti. Ohh, this was so yummy! I never had butterscotch pudding but this tasted delicious with sea salt. However the pudding is quite sweet, would be nicer if a little bit less sweet. Rosemary biscotti was also very tasty with the soft smooth butterscotch pudding. I am getting hungry just thinking about this. 😀


Even thought Cotto seems to be in a location that not much people would notice, but it was a quite a hidden neighbourhood gem. I wouldn’t mind going back to it again maybe with a few more friends to try out their bar. 🙂

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Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee

I kept hearing about this place, and for some really odd reason I kept thinking it is by Burnaby Public Library but it is REALLY far away from Burnaby Public library. 😛 This waffle/bubble tea shop is near Edmonds High Gate Plaza (behind it actually). It was a nice October day, still had the remaining summer warmth and the beautiful sunshine, made this area feels so nice.

Three girls chatting over tea an waffles on a very nice afternoon, I was enjoying this waffle place in Burnaby. It’s just such a pleasant area to enjoy some tea and waffles. 🙂

So to share between the three of us, we ordered two different types of waffles:

Matcha red bean on Brussels waffles – also had some mochi and vanilla ice cream. This waffles are very fluffy indeed, and I especially like the chewy mochi on the waffles. 🙂

Mixed berry on Liege waffle – well this it was suppose to be. But they didn’t have any other berries left except strawberries and for some reason we got the brussels waffle. So now it is a Strawberry whipped cream brussels waffle. XD But regardless it was still good, though I wish I get to try the leige waffle!

You can also see this purply milky drink in the background. It was my lavender tea latte – though I sort of felt like she put milk and lavender together and gave it to me… It was not a good drink at all. Did I order it wrong? But when I make tea latte at home, it is much different than this.

This is their BLT sandwich combo, with house green quinoa salad. They also have other sandwiches and shave ice on the menu.

I will give this place one more try and hopefully everything will run smoothly next time.

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Koi Japanese Tapas Bar

I noticed this place every time driving by Kingsway, and every single time I would slow down to see what is this place about. Usually later (around 11pm) this places get very packed – almost made me think that there is a lounge in the suburbs area of Burnaby. I got there around 5pm, I guess it is a little early for dinner. But there is no one in the restaurant.

I lied, there is someone sitting by the bar. But I believe it is a friend of the owner. They were having so much fun drinking on their own.

Since I was there for dinner, I have ordered a few things to share between the two of us.
Salmon SashimiFresh salmon sashimi – for us small eater, I asked them to make a half size portion, and it was just the perfect size!

deep fried yam, cucumber topped with avocado and sesame sauce
This one had an interesting name, so I ordered it. Black Forest Roll, though there is nothing black about this sushi roll. 😛 This is quite a normal sushi roll but what made it different was the sesame sauce. I really like sesame myself and the sauce was great subtly bringing out the flavours of cucumber which gave it crunch and freshness.

Harumaki Salad Roll

Bang Bang Ji

We didn’t feel too much like sushi rolls, because the person I was sharing sushi with doesn’t like tuna. And LOTS of rolls contains tuna. So we got this BangBangJi Salad Roll – if you had bang bang ji salad, this is pretty much the salad wrapped in a thin rice paper (those used in Vietnamese spring rolls). I think was quite good, helped the salad kept its shape without interrupting too much of the original salad flavour.

Japanese Poutine
I can’t remember if this was on the menu… but it’s fries served with gravy and Japanese curry and nori. Oh I loved this one. Such a good combination of fries and curry (Japanese curry tends to be sweeter.) This would have been perfect if you are drinking.

I would like to revisit when it is busy to see what the vibe is suppose to be.

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Nao Sushi

It was 8pm and we were hungry. Most restaurants are either closed or closing, but luckily I found this was still open but 30mins until closing. So I ordered super fast and ate super fast. 😛

We went for something basic and a few specials that we saw on the wall.

Tempura Udon – The tempura were fried very nicely, just enough batter and not too long. Udons were cooked to just chewy with a lighter soup base.

Steamed clam shells in buttered soup – wait I can’t remember if this was steamed or cooked. But regardless I remember the butter. I don’t think the clams were fresh, they didn’t taste fresh and out of a mini pot of 15ish pieces I had around 4 that are not open. (Clams don’t cook open if they are already dead.)

Negitoro – I always order this because my love for toro. This one is alright. I think the sushi rice can be better, they were a little overcooked.

Pressed Saba Sushi – The sushi rice really failed any sushi of the night. The flavour is fine but I can’t help but notice how the sushi rice is overcooked. 😦


I have been here several times, and I am not that impressed every time. (But hey I never suggest coming here… :P) And their food quality compared to their price I think it’s just not worth it. I really think they can do a lot better with better service and just a little more refined food.

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