Swiss Bakery

Swiss Bakery
Swiss Bakery

Let’s go have some famous frissant/cronut – this flaky pastry with mouth watering creamy filling is a must try. Although their available hours and flavours are not very stable. I suggest checking out their website or calling before heading in.

Swiss Bakery

There is a very good reason why this is so popular, the super flaky pastry is just so delicious.

I so far tried three flavours:

Chocolate – Is this a classic flavour? I hope so, and I hope they always offer it. Because I absolutely love it!


Raspberry Rhubarb – Refreshing light tart flavour from rhubarb balances out the sweet pastry.

Swiss Bakery

Cafe Au Lait (coffee) – I don’t really know what went wrong here. The pastry is still great, but something about the cream is very odd tasting. It doesn’t taste like coffee, I am not sure what I am actually eating. It was indescribably flavour but not in a good way.

Swiss Bakery


Also try out their other pastry, they all look very delicious. I had a fresh croissant which was so yum. I believe they do their flaky pastry really well. So anything with flakes, take a bite. 😉

Swiss Bakery

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Beta 5

This review is kind of late, because I know Beta 5 had came out so long ago. But it’s better late than never. :p

I had been meaning to go get these delicious cream puffs (perhaps their chocolate?), but somehow I always ended up not going or they are not open. Finally one a day off, I decided to finally venture this place.

Beta 5

From the directions from a friend, I really didn’t know about this area. Full of industrial warehouses, Beta 5 is one of the small warehouses within. They do not have seating, I strongly suggest just buying take out and enjoy it at a park with a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Beta 5

Although Beta 5 was really famous for their chocolate, but it seems like their cream puffs have stolen the thunder. They are available in about 12+ flavours, from yuzu to chocolate and some very interesting flavours. All flavours are great combinations with each other, each telling you a different story. So far I have visited twice and tried out five different kinds of flavours:

Beta 5

Blueberry Yuzu – Citrus taste of yuzu and blueberry is very dominant, if you are not into any sour flavour items. I wouldn’t try this, however I personally like sour stuff. 🙂

Coconut Passionfruit – I never though these two flavours would work so perfectly with each other with over powering each other. I am very impressed by this one.

Salted Caramel – With a chunk of salt sprinkled on top, they make sure you can taste the salt. :p

Raspberry Earl Grey – I can taste the raspberry, but not sure where is the Earl Grey?

Vietnamese Coffee – smooth delicious coffee flavour, with a hint of vanilla. This is a must try for a lot of coffee lovers.

Beta 5

Overall, these are very good puffs. A little on the sweet side, but the pastry of these puffs are so crispy is hard to resist. I would recommend this place if you are looking for a place to get some good puffs to bring to a party. 🙂

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Chocolate Arts Cafe

Snowball's Chance in Hell's Fire

I am back again for their hot chocolate this year.  Last year I got to try the Amour (raspberry drinking chocolate), then I said to myself I will revisit again next year for chocolate festival so here I am again.

Their hot chocolate name caught my eye when I was browsing through the hot chocolate festival website: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell’s Fire. Wow what a dramatic name then I wondered what it was so I had to order it.

It was served in a bowl, yes in a bowl which is a little big bigger than a Chinese rice bowl. In the center there is a cold cold chocolate ice cream ball with a little bit of hot chocolate they pour for you and also provide some on the side. In comparison to the Thierry’s ice cream hot chocolate I felt this is much better. Reason? It stays hot! The hot chocolate they serve is pipping hot, which is great!

The ice cream is stayed intact unless you went to stir it. But I loved the spicy chili powder that comes at the end! Just a little bit (but at the bottom and you drink up then it’ll hit you).

Maybe it is time to switch over from Thierry…. 😛

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A small chocolate café located by Coal Harbour right outside of the Vancouver Convention Centre along with other restaurants and pub. I wanted to try this place last year but time didn’t work out so finally this year for the Hot Chocolate Festival, I need to go and try it out!

I cannot recall if they are serving the same menu as last year but there are some interesting looking flavours on this year’s menu. They serve this combo that allows you to order one cup of hot chocolate along with either: liege waffle, cheesecake, chocolate, or a scoop of Italian ice cream.

I wanted to keep indulging the chocolate flavour so I ordered a piece of coffee caramel dark chocolate along with my Tiger Milk.


I was attracted instantly with the description of the ingredients in this white hot chocolate with nugmeg, cardimom and saffron. Now here is the secret to ‘Tiger’ in the milk. As you let your drink sit a thin layer of yellow will glow on the top of your hot chocolate, that’s the tiger! The owner came over to ask if we see the colour coming out, just to make sure. 😉 I believe it is the oil from saffron that gave its colour. This is also a delicious white hot chocolate with spices.


Jamacian Kiss – Belgian milk chocolate flavoured with coconut, pineapple and rum. Maybe a little strong for 11:00am drink but it was delicious. I loved the coconut milk base with chunks of pineapple, the flavours are so great together it is hard to describe. 🙂

Hazelnut milk chocolate

Crepe – I think he gave us extra crepe? I am not sure, but this crepe is soft and chewy served warm! ❤

Liege Waffle – also served hot, but a little sweet but you can add other toppings and minus the sugar to balance the flavour out.


Dark Coffee Caramel Chocolate – This is one smooth dark coffee caramel, the filling is so smooth! With light caramel flavour.


Go check this small chocolate café out, maybe buy a hot chocolate to go and walk along the Coal Harbour. It will be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 😀


This year I am back for the Hot Chocolate Festival, last year I went but didn’t write reviews for the cafes I have visited. (Since I went to so many.) This year again I am trying my best to write reviews for all the cafes I am visiting this year. So stay tuned along with all my Dine Out Vancouver experience! Four busy weeks! 😉

To start off this year’s hot chocolate festival I visited this old place again – Schokolade. Last year I visited and tried out their “SNOW WHITE” – White chocolate and steamed milk, flavoured with peppermint and rose. They have the same menu as last year so you can still try this one out this year! I really liked the creamy smooth white chocolate, however there rose flavour is not strong enough (which I really wished it was!) But it was such a pretty drink to look at. 😉


DARK AND SPICY” – Made from 70% dark chocolate, cayenne, a shot of espresso and steamed milk. This one is spicy, it’s the cayenne spice that leaves and stays at the your throat while you keep sipping through this chocolate. It seriously doesn’t go away right away. Just a tad bit of the espresso flavour.


“EXTRA DARK”  – Made from 90% dark chocolate and steamed almond milk. This extra dark chocolate comes with a little bit of bitter from dark chocolate, rich but not sweet. But it is very filling along with chocolate pieces that they serve, I couldn’t finish it.


“WINTER COMFORT”  – 100% pure hazelnut butter blended with your choice of milk or dark chocolate. This was the easily drinking hot chocolate that day, it was smooth and buttery as it goes down your throat. Comes with freshly made chocolate-dipped hazelnut biscotti.

They have combos such as four pieces of chocolate with your hot chocolate for $10 so three of us were able to try out twelve different chocolate:


Sunny Orange White, Raspberry, Orange Mah Jong, Dark Passionfruit, Chilli

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREBrandy Truffle, Dark Pomergranate, Earl Grey Milk, Mango & Jalapena White, Chai Spice Dark

Their chocolates are generally really good, comes with a wide variety of interesting flavours. My favourite so far is pomergranate dark, earl grey milk and sunny orange white. Go try this one and you won’t regret it!

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Chez Christophe Chocolaterie Patisserie

I am having a bit sugar overload summer, visited lots of cafes and dessert places. Got so many eating eating and eating for the summer, almost have no time to blog. 😮  But I am being good now and blogging this new place I found nearby my home.



Clean and chic design of the interior, neatly displayed cakes and chocolates.

chocolate display

chocolate display

cake display

cake display

When I entered the cafe, it felt like I went into a different world. What I meant is that it’s so different from the environment outside (Hastings and a used car dealer on the side), I ordered two pieces of cake with a friend and sat by the window and look from a very quiet cafe out onto the busy street of Hastings. Enjoy an hour and a half of pleasant chat. 🙂

Chez Christophe

Myrtille Vanilla

Myrtille Vanilla

Vanilla Mousse with blueberry sponge cake with blueberry center. This was delicious! I loved it every bit, the soft smooth vanilla mousse with sweet blueberry in the center, the bottom of the cake is a layer of waffle which add texture and crunch to the softness of this cake. Very refreshing and was not overly sweet. Ohh, mouth is watering recalling the taste. 😛



Orange cream with dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut crunch. If you are a chocolate lover you will love this one. Rich dark chocolate mousse with orange cream and crunchy hazelnut made it irresistible.

I am glad I found this place close to home, I would love to try out more cakes from them. However I do have a side note about their customer service…..I would consider take out.

This is a very small store, I entered and saw a lady by the counter right away. However this lady wasn’t very friendly, she seems very unenthusiastic and unwilling to help. I did not see her smile at me the whole entire time I was there – from walking in to ordering to leaving. I know this is a family business, but I think this type of customer service is still unacceptable.

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Gem Chocolate

Thanks for Hot Chocolate Festival, I discovered a lot of chocolate shops and chocolate cafes. Gem Chocolates – Upon entrance, it is a very small chocolate shop, very clean and bright. As I walked up the chocolate display, I felt like a kid again wanting everything in the display shelf.

When I visited they were serving creme brulee hot chocolate. I also ordered three pieces of chocolate – Lai-Chi (White), Berry Blue(Square) and Lava.


Creme Brulee Drinking Chocolate – freshly made and served with the caramel on top, has a slight creme brulee burnt to it. Though I wish it was in a mug so it stayed warm longer.

Lai-Chi – fresh lychee infusion in white chocolate ganache, very delicious and smooth; filled with lychee frangant. I loved this one dearly.

Berry Blue – Rooibos blueberry tea infusion in milk chocolate ganache: good strong blueberry taste

Lava – spicy dark chocolate ganache with a kick: the spicy sure gave this dark chocolate a cake. So delicious.

Overall their chocolates are good and so pretty, I would buy these as gifts and share with my friends. 🙂 But of course it is a cute place to sit and chat (though it is very small and only has 3 bar type seats)

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Chocolate Arts


I have previously received a box of chocolate from Chocolate Arts as a gift from a friend. I enjoyed their chocolate and the looks of their chocolate comes in a very simple clean silver tin box (which now I use to store my accessories). I always see their little stand inside the Granville Island Market Place, but I never knew about their store which locates on W3rd (close to Fir Street).


So for the Hot Chocolate Festival, I came here to visit and I fell in love! With the place, it’s beautiful and so many chocolates to look at. 🙂

They are serving two hot chocolate during the festival, and I have selected the #20 – “ARMOURY AMOUR”

Cocoa Barry “Madirofolo”– a single plantation chocolate, kissed with raspberry,and served with a mini lemon and basil ice cream sandwich.

This smooth dark chocolate with raspberry flavours and beautiful presentation was such a wonderful touch to an raining afternoon cafe chat. I was so glad that it wasn’t overly sweet. 🙂
Armoury AmourAlong side an dark chocolate ice cream sandwich with lemon basil filling was served. Though the sandwich was tad bit hard, I enjoyed the combination of the whole thing so much!!  The basil brought out the flavours of dark chocolate and lemon. It was just so yummy with the hot chocolate.
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Thomas Haas (2)

It’s been a while since I have went back, so on a nice Sunday afternoon I revisit this place with two girlfriends. If it wasn’t that far away from home, I would definitely revisit more often. Once again so nice to smell the great coffee aroma in the air as I enter this place. But this time it was really busy (Saturday afternoon), fully packed and if it wasn’t my friend who got there early, I think we’ll have to wait for a bit for an available seat.

Decaf latte

I asked the staff which of the cake is seasonal (I always want to eat seasonal or limited time items. :P) and she recommended this one to me. I didn’t feel strong urge of chocolate, so I am happy with this fruity tart. Fresh raspberry with and crispy almonds on the side made this a very nice refreshing tart and worked really well with my latte. Sweet sour and creamy bitter, so perfect.

My friend arrived late and ordered the pear almond tart and I got to try it out. This one is a lot sweeter but tender soft center paired with crunchy tart shell.

Once again I enjoyed everything here!

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Thomas Haas – W 4th

Famous for their wide selection of chocolate with all kinds of flavour and their chocolate desserts – being a chocolate lover I must give this a try.

Crispy Chocolate Orange – seasonal special changed from the crispy chocolate raspberry. Dark Manjari chocolate mousse with bits of orange peels and crispy hazelnut wafer. The orange peels were a little bit bitter but taste right with the sweet sweet chocolate.

Hazelnut Praline – Hazelnut mousseline with layers of vanilla cake, crispy wafers, hazelnut dacquoise, thin dark chocolate ganache and hint of rum. If you like hazelnut you will love this! I always like their mousse cakes are layered with cripsy wafers, gave great texture to the soft light mousse cake. The hazelnut is so strong and smooth! (My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.)
I had their dessert a few times and they never disappoint me. If you are really into chocolate you should give their chocolate collection a try. You won’t regret it. 🙂

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