Cameilla Tea & Coffee


When I first heard that they have opened a cafe near Royal Oak I was so excited. The daughter and son of Accord House has open a dessert cafe next to Royal Oak Skytrain station, as you have read in my previous Accord House posts how much I love their tea and dessert.


They opened about couple months ago. Big spacious space  (looks like two stores combined into one), lots of seats and not too close to each other. I visited twice so far since their opening, and I really love this place. They have relatively long hours for cafes in Burnaby, which is one factor I love.


Almond croissant, crispy croissant with slices of almonds and sprinkled with icing sugar. They also will reheat/double bake it for you to enjoy it hot. I love hot croissant, such an indulgence.


Carrot Pineapple Cupcake – full piece of pineapple in the center of this carrot cake. Gave it moisture, away from the traditional dry carrot cake.


Berry Creme Cake – bits of sour berries on top on a creamy pie/cake with flaky pie pastry. My favourite so far.


Hazelnut Almond chocolate – this tastes like Ferroro Roche in a cake, oh I loved it! If you are into Ferror Roche, you should try this. This is my favourite next to the Berry Creme Cake (yes I have two favourites. :P)



Chocolate Ganache Tart – think heavy chocolate gananche centre on a cripsy tart base, but you’ll be surprise how it is not super hard to poke through like most chocolate gananche tart.



They have a decent size of tea selection and many of them which you can make into tea latte. Try their tea latte! By using different types of herbal, black and green tea, their tea latte won’t disappoint you. I have tried many many different flavours from them, ask them to recommend. 🙂




Parfait – the very first dessert I had at their original Accord House. Then it made me return again and again to try out their different dessert. Light custard at the bottom topped with fruits and cream and cake bits, they are famous for this. You really need to dig in.



Yes this was shared between two girls, but hey dessert is a different stomach right? :p



New York Cheesecake – class New York Cheesecake, quite dense but really I like Cheesecake etc. so I am bias. 😛
Exif_JPEG_PICTUREPassion fruit soda with mint – bits of sour berries and sweet passion fruit bubbled up by soda, a very delicious summer drink.

Their desserts did not disappoint me, maybe it is just that they all fit my Asian taste bud. Not too sweet, light and fluffy for the most part. I know their desserts are house made, so if you are unsure of an ingredient you can always ask. Their menu changes once in a while, so there will be always new things to try (which I have yet to discover.) This is a self serve cafe, you order and find a seat and grab your order when it’s ready. I am just so glad that they have opened a cafe! I will visit often like a crazy dessert lady. XD

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A small chocolate café located by Coal Harbour right outside of the Vancouver Convention Centre along with other restaurants and pub. I wanted to try this place last year but time didn’t work out so finally this year for the Hot Chocolate Festival, I need to go and try it out!

I cannot recall if they are serving the same menu as last year but there are some interesting looking flavours on this year’s menu. They serve this combo that allows you to order one cup of hot chocolate along with either: liege waffle, cheesecake, chocolate, or a scoop of Italian ice cream.

I wanted to keep indulging the chocolate flavour so I ordered a piece of coffee caramel dark chocolate along with my Tiger Milk.


I was attracted instantly with the description of the ingredients in this white hot chocolate with nugmeg, cardimom and saffron. Now here is the secret to ‘Tiger’ in the milk. As you let your drink sit a thin layer of yellow will glow on the top of your hot chocolate, that’s the tiger! The owner came over to ask if we see the colour coming out, just to make sure. 😉 I believe it is the oil from saffron that gave its colour. This is also a delicious white hot chocolate with spices.


Jamacian Kiss – Belgian milk chocolate flavoured with coconut, pineapple and rum. Maybe a little strong for 11:00am drink but it was delicious. I loved the coconut milk base with chunks of pineapple, the flavours are so great together it is hard to describe. 🙂

Hazelnut milk chocolate

Crepe – I think he gave us extra crepe? I am not sure, but this crepe is soft and chewy served warm! ❤

Liege Waffle – also served hot, but a little sweet but you can add other toppings and minus the sugar to balance the flavour out.


Dark Coffee Caramel Chocolate – This is one smooth dark coffee caramel, the filling is so smooth! With light caramel flavour.


Go check this small chocolate café out, maybe buy a hot chocolate to go and walk along the Coal Harbour. It will be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 😀

Calabria Cafe

I noticed this cafe because I was hunting for vintage saucers in all those vintage shops on Commercial Drive with my mom, so after shopping for a while I was hungry for lunch. I pointed out this interesting decor cafe among all these Italian shops, and was up for an adventure.

This is not just a cafe – they serve coffee, tea, sandwiches, cookies and gelato. I have never been to Italy but I really found all the statues and environment feels very Italian to me. 😛 Even though it’s a cold day, but you get a warm fuzzy feeling sitting here with hot drinks.

For our drinks we ordered the cappuccino and decaf latte. My mom’s foaming cappuccino was delicious with lots of foam! (Had so much fun with my mom’s foam mustache.) Latte was nice and smooth and non sweeten – perfect for my tasting.




This is a panini like bread with vegetarian ingredients inside – mushrooms, bell peppers, and this very interesting spice and I still cannot made up what it is. Though their bread is much softer than those of panini and thicker, but pressed grill on the outside. The mushrooms and bell peppers worked really well with each other. I enjoyed it.


Jack sandwich – spinach, jack cheese, tomato, black olives and artichokes. Hmm I just love black olives and artichokes, they are so yummy especially with cheese. :9 Therefore made this a delicious sandwich, I liked it so much!! Though it is a very big sandwich, I just couldn’t finish it.



Having coffee means having cookies :P. So I ordered an almond biscotti on the side to enjoy with the coffee while I chat with my mother about teenagers these days. 😛

Food and drink quality is good for this sort of hidden cafe, however if you are looking for a good service than I would recommend you to go somewhere else. Their service is not rude, but wasn’t friendly either.  Everything is pretty much self serve without little help, so maybe go with an Italian friend so you know what is good to order and perhaps the service will be better. 😛

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Trees Organic Cafe


It’s been a while since I have revisited this place. Then one night my friend picked it again so I get to have their yummy cheesecake again. If you are looking for something similar to Cheesecake etc, then you are at the wrong place. Their cheesecake texture is very different. Trees Organic is more of a New York Cheesecake style where the cheesecakes are more dense and stiff.

From left to right:

Chocoholic Cheesecake – super rich of chocolate, I am not sure how much chocolate they have put into this cheesecake but if you like chocolate and cheesecake then this is the cheescake for you.

The Sin – Chocolate cheesecake with sour cherries, after trying this place several times I still like this one the best. Maybe it’s the sour cherries balancing with the rich chocolate. But no matter what it is, I am just in love with this one 🙂

Blueberry Cheesecake – This one is much lighter than the other two, and I almost felt that the texture is also lighter (or I am just dreaming..) This is a good one if you don’t like rich desserts, light with lots of blueberries.

PS: This is a very energetic place with live bands and music during different times. Be sure to check out their music schedule on their website if you want to enjoy coffee, cakes and music. But if you want a place to chat then I would suggest elsewhere because the music can get quite loud.

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Thomas Haas (2)

It’s been a while since I have went back, so on a nice Sunday afternoon I revisit this place with two girlfriends. If it wasn’t that far away from home, I would definitely revisit more often. Once again so nice to smell the great coffee aroma in the air as I enter this place. But this time it was really busy (Saturday afternoon), fully packed and if it wasn’t my friend who got there early, I think we’ll have to wait for a bit for an available seat.

Decaf latte

I asked the staff which of the cake is seasonal (I always want to eat seasonal or limited time items. :P) and she recommended this one to me. I didn’t feel strong urge of chocolate, so I am happy with this fruity tart. Fresh raspberry with and crispy almonds on the side made this a very nice refreshing tart and worked really well with my latte. Sweet sour and creamy bitter, so perfect.

My friend arrived late and ordered the pear almond tart and I got to try it out. This one is a lot sweeter but tender soft center paired with crunchy tart shell.

Once again I enjoyed everything here!

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Caffè Cittadella

My friend recommended this coffee shop to me. Once I arrived at this coffee shop, I realized right away it is inside a heritage house. I really love these heritage house cafes, they are so adorable and full of vintage aroma. 😛

This is a very small cafe that is two stories, on this rainy day this cafe is almost full. They also sell baked goods, similar to Starbucks and other tea drinks.After you order your drink, all you need to do it grab a seat to your liking and the staff will bring your items to you. So after ordering my decaf latte I quickly grab a seat upstairs, I was happy with my beautiful latte arts and the smooth latte. All drinks came with a piece of dark chocolate also. :9

This cafe is such a nice environment and decor for a relaxing afternoon with your book/work. I would definitely revisit with a few friends and chat over coffee. 🙂

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Faubourg 3

It’s been a while since I have came here. Came here with a two kids and two adults on a Sunday and it was BUSY! When I was placing the order, we had to wait for seats. If you have been here you know this is a very small cafe and it is usually very busy but today was extra busy. But regardless we got our seats. (To accommodate 5 people.)

The triple chocolate tower – ” A chocolate lover’s dream! Three layers of rich fine dark, milk and white chocolate on a hazelnut sponge base, finished with a chocolate glaze.”

This is my piece of heavy. I loved the soft and fluffiness of this cake and the richness of the chocolate. If you are a chocolate fan, please try it!

Charlotte Royale – citrus jello at the bottom with wafflers and chocolate mousse.This one has a lot of texture going on and it sure is different than the other ones you can have at this cafe.

Grapefruit Tart – this is a seasonal version of the lemon tart that they have. Similar sour to the lemon and same type of foaming texture. Thought I felt like I like the lemon better because I can really taste the strong flavour of lemon.

Soon I’ll revisit for new stuff. 😉

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Andrea’s Original Coffee & Cake

Found this place on Urbanspoon which a super high rating, so I must visit. It was so close to home anyways. This little strip of shops are among residential area, you probably wouldn’t know about it unless someone tells you or you live in the area.

This shop is also full of old customers who lives in the area, why I know because of the way the staff talks to their customers. They almost talk like they are families.

To start the morning I shared a turkey club panini with a friend along with a chai latte. The turkey sandwich was delicious. With jack cheese I believe, oh so yummy. But a very odd thing I found was that when I got home later, I was very very thirsty. Like VERY. I had to drink lots and lots of water. I am not sure if there’s extra msg or butter or salt in the food I was eating.

Latte was good, should have asked for unsweetened. But still good. 🙂
And then I couldn’t help but notice while I am having my breakfast how the whole place is surrounded by photos of their custom made cakes. They are all so cute or so cool. As I kept looking at the pictures, I had to get a cupcake to try. 😛

Oh the icing the was so buttery and creamy smooth. I don’t know how she managed to get that beautiful reflective color onto her icing. It was so pretty and so yummy. I would considering getting a cake made from this place in the future. 🙂

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