Cafe de Waraku 和樂屋

When I first found out about this place I was super excited. Because finally you can get Japanese style pasta in Vancouver, they were the first one to open in Richmond (even though they are not opened by Japanese). This restaurant has been here for almost 4 to 5 years as I remember correctly, they used to only sell Japanese style pasta but later become a dessert café as well.


They have special lunch/dinner combos where you can get a toast, salad/soup, pasta for around $12-16 dollars depending on which pasta you select.


Their pasta is always cooked to al dente (perfect chewiness). I especially like their light/clear sauce. Usually toss lightly in a frying pan, great alternative to traditional Italian pasta.


I always get a matcha latte from them because they are never sweetened. (Usually how I like my drinks, you can adjust your own liking.)


This is a durian cheesecake. It is something that I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get when I come here. I would not suggest it if you do not like durian (an exotic and strong aroma fruit from Thailand). But being a durian lover, I simply cannot resist it. Smooth, rich in durian flavour. There is nothing not to love about this cake.

I love this cozy quiet family run business, which I always get great service here. Never too too busy, great chat spot if you need to catch up lots.

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Memory Corner

My friend first recommended me to go try out their ‘plant’ dessert. I know this sounds a little confusing, but you will see when you get there and order it yourself. It is named “Potted Style” on their menu. She told me how adorable they look, so I said to her sure we will go and give it a try.


This newly opened bubble tea place across of Richmond City Hall named Memory Corner has very interesting décor inside. Heard from a friend who knows the owner that original owner is from Taiwan, they ran a small noodle place in Taiwan and now their children and grand child opens this one to continue the flavor from the past. The first thing I noticed about the store is the two giant dolls at the back. (Which I did not take photos of, but go see yourself!) They looked beautiful! There are also small little doll and authentic Japanese and Taiwanese décor throughout the restaurant. I liked the simple rustic feeling it gives.


It was early dinner time for me, was going to order the potted style dessert (which is ice cream at the bottom with Oreo cookie crumbs on top and a little basil leaf on top to make it look like a potted plant) but the sea salt milk cap tea caught my eye. I ended up ordering the fresh fruits sea salt milk cap tea with a bowl of Taiwan style minced meat on rice.

Fresh Fruits Sea Salt Milk Cap Tea – made with fresh fruits (bits) black tea with a layer of foam on top. Let me introduce you to milk ca: this is brought over from Taiwan, very very popular new drink over taking bubble tea already couple years ago. It is made from whipping cream and sea salt. It is very interesting, they will always provide you with a straw but you should try to drink it without. So you can get the flavor of the sweet tea and a bit of the foaming milk cap along with sea salt after taste. I know it sounds weird but it is a very good combination. Try it, any flavor you like.


My minced meat on rice took a very very long time, because they forgot my order. But the waitress was very apologetic about forgetting my mail and delivered it right away after I asked her about it. This is a very classic Taiwanese dish, easy and fast. But I like how this one isn’t too fat or oily and also has a little bit of over cooked rice bits (if you had rice cooked in clay pots by any Cantonese restaurant you will know this is gold).


This restaurant sells authentic Taiwanese food, I would say their food is good. (I also get to try a bit of my friend’s sesame oil chicken noodle soup.) Maybe I little salty I would say but I would say all Taiwanese food is on the salty side. However if you are looking for a quick bite I would suggest some where else. Because the kitchen is ran by one lady and the food does not come out fast. You need to wait…. For a while….


Next time try out that ice cream in pot! 🙂

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Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria


When it first opened, my friend recommended me go try them out. So I did! This location used to be Anducci’s (if anyone still remember this). I was seated outside, so I cannot tell if it was renovated from Auducci’s, but I believe not much have changed.


Cotto still served Italian dishes, with wood fire brick forno pizzas. (Similar items to Anducci’s.) So of course we had to order pasta and pizza to complete our casual Italian dinner at Cotto.


Looking at some of the signature dishes we found the Pizza Cotto – Yukon Gold potato, Sloping Hill pancetta, fried brussel sprout leaves, Gorgonzola dolce, fonduta

I enjoyed the flavours of this pizza, quite subtle but very tasty. However the brussel sprout leaves were quite bitter (I never had it before, this is my first time), but I think it would taste much better without the bitter leaves. 😛


Papardelle Carbonara – Two Rivers guanciale, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, roast garlic, 63 degree egg. Now what is 63 degree egg, did they actually measured that when they cooked it? XD But regardless this is a delicious pasta with the pata cooked just right.


For dessert, I’ve ordered the Salted Caramel Budino – Butterscotch pudding, Maldon sea salt, rosemary biscotti. Ohh, this was so yummy! I never had butterscotch pudding but this tasted delicious with sea salt. However the pudding is quite sweet, would be nicer if a little bit less sweet. Rosemary biscotti was also very tasty with the soft smooth butterscotch pudding. I am getting hungry just thinking about this. 😀


Even thought Cotto seems to be in a location that not much people would notice, but it was a quite a hidden neighbourhood gem. I wouldn’t mind going back to it again maybe with a few more friends to try out their bar. 🙂

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Jethro’s Fine Grub


It was a while back when I came here to Jethro’s Fine Grub, on a Sunday morning in the nice hot summer. Around 1030am in the morning I had to wait about 20mins to get a seat for two. Then I see the giant line build up as I enjoy my meal. This is a very busy place so to avoid waiting, I would suggest getting there as early as possible. They open at 8am anyways. 🙂

Love their logo board, so had to take a photo!!


The sauce that was given to us after we have placed our order. That is a lot of sauces, maybe more than what I need. But I tried everything to see what they were. 😛

French Toast

Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread French Toast Topped with caramelized bananas and whipped cream. Oh this is one heart-attack breakfast but it was so delicious!! I love the super soft and fluffy french toast!! (I’m a sucker for french toast, even the Hong Kong style one!!!) The caramelized bananas along with the whipped cream was so yummy. I think it was sweet enough without further syrup, but if you are a crazy sweet tooth, you can use any of the above sauces! 😛

Sorry I can’t remember the name of this, but this is like a tuna melt with cheddar and covered with egg. This tuna melt is delicious with the green hot sauce they have provided. I really enjoyed this also.

Really I love to revisit often if I live around the area and that there will be less line up. But once in a while I really don’t mind. I recommend coming in small groups so you don’t have to wait as long.

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Fable Kitchen

Dined here with a group of 8, glad that I’ve made a reservation because this is one busy restaurant! I wasn’t feeling too hungry, and not meaty… so I ordered a beet salad and mushroom flat bread to share with my friend. Even though these are appetizer sizes, they seem to be quite large for me. I couldn’t finish my share of the dishes.

Beet Salad (sorry for the blurry photo, it was so dark in there I couldn’t control my hand from shaking! 😥 )

Beet Salad

I absolutely love beet, maybe it’s the sweet or maybe it’s the colors? Whatever it is, it was a pleasure to look at and a delight to eat. Sweet beets with Herb yogurt and quinoa and coffee streusel. I have never eaten coffee streusel (or streusel of any sort before), I couldn’t understand what it was and had to go online to look. 😛 They are very similar to bread crumbs but a little bit more crispy, almost had this deep fried texture to them. However it was delicious with the salad. Brings out the sweet flavours of beet salad. A very tasty beet salad.

Mushroom Flat Bread served with Olive oil, arugula, parmesan

Mushroom Flat Bread

This mushroom flat bread is as large as a small size pizza. I think this is what mostly filled me up. This is another very interesting sweet dish, I am not quite sure where did the sweet come from. Onions? Mushroom? I was very clueless where did the sweetness came from, it was really sweet (not something that taste like sugary but something very natural). But regardless what the sweet is, I just couldn’t help but kept eating it!! (Though I got quite full quickly and it was a little messy to eat.)
I think I remember Fable originally was Wet Bar? Anyways this is a great comfort food place to go on W4th with a size no larger than 6-8 to be comfortably seated and intimate enough to talk. (This is an energetic restaurant, therefore has medium-high noise.)

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Long’s Noodle House 小龍記麵家

I don’t live anywhere near Riley Park, but I thought maybe I should go out of my way to try out more restaurants. So I did some research and found this place. My mom is from Shanghai, but she rarely cooks Shanghainese food. I really like to eat noodle, dumplings and such from Northern China (they are so so good!). So I always like to eat at noodle places. 😛

As soon as I go in, I was greeted right away by the friendly waitress. It was only 6pm on a Wednesday night and there are only three empty tables left (one is reserved). So we were seated towards the end of the restaurant (close to the kitchen).

There were only two of us, so we couldn’t really order large dishes to share. We both ordered soup noodle and a dessert – oh and soy milk (store bought. 😦 ).

Five Spices Beef Noodle Soup – the flavour is in the beef is not in the soup. Just to clarify. 🙂 The beef is tender with really nice flavours. Noodle was good also, but maybe it could have been thicker and chewier? Don’t get wrong, it’s not bad but there is just nothing amazing about this noodle.

I ordered the Shanghainese rice cakes in soup. Normally my mom cooks the rice cakes as stir fry. I know lots of people from Shanghai eat them in soup also, so I ordered one to try. It was good, the rice cake very chewy. But I am not sure if it is store made. They look like packaged rice cakes. But soup was good with lots of veggie.

Last but not least our dessert – Osmanthus Mini Rice Balls in Sweet Rice Wine Soup (酒酿桂花小圆子).

It was good, tiny little chewy rice balls in the strong rice wine sweet soup along with light fragrance from the osmanthus flowers. It was good…. 😦

Why the sad face? Because I was enjoying everything until I found a long strand of hair in my sweet soup. 😥 I told the waitress about what I saw and she apologize (which is fine). Then she asked me what I wanted to do with the soup. I don’t know, what am I suppose to do with the soup? I just left and she didn’t try to do anything else.

I probably won’t revisit, (even though the food is good) but this place is not clean. Or I am just a baby towards hair in my food. 0_O

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Bandidas Taqueria

There are many restaurants that I see and never visit, and this is one of them. I always see that it is quite busy, so for Mother’s day we visited for breakfast. And yes it was still very busy, we had to wait for a bit for our table but it wasn’t a too long of a wait.

Aside from their sign, I like their interior decor also. It is really casual but somewhat reminds me of rain forest or a greenhouse. (It could also be because I am visiting on a very sunny day?) Anyways, the whole place is filled with plants (real plants) on tables and as decor.

I went to check upon their website to understand more about their decor – they are aiming for environmental friendly and low-impact on the community. Ah that explains it a little bit. They also seems to have a few organic choices on their menus.

This is a vegetarian restaurant and no MSG (written on the menu) in their food items. 🙂

I went with my family so I ordered a Breakfast Burrito for my mom – Scrambled free-range eggs, fresh salsa, pinto beans, sour cream and cheese in awhole wheat tortilla. This was very yummy with the sour cream and salsa on the side. Though I really wish they would give us just a little bit more sauce.

For myself I ordered the Lemmy – A poblano baked with pinto beans, cheese & ranchera sauce, topped with two free-range eggs, served with tortillas & hash browns. This dish is very filling, I think it is due to the amount of beans in this dish. I could really only eat half of it. I love putting the beans and salad bits on the tortillas. The poached eggs were perfect! I really liked the eggs, it was cooked to the perfect moment. A little runny but not too much with firm skin. :9

My brother got the Chili – A hearty vegetarian bean stew topped with melted cheese and avocado. He also got two poached eggs on the side. The chili is actually quite delicious, and very good with the avocado. (I was shocked how the avocado went so well with the vegetarian chili!)

It was one satisfying breakfast without being too harsh in the wallet and no meat!! If you are a vegetarian, you need to try this one out. 🙂

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Acme Cafe

I visited this cafe sometime last summer, so after an year I finally revisited. 😛 We ordered the strawberry milkshake with two shots of espresso. Espresso is espresso, the taste is always so overwhelming. The milkshake just tasted like a coffee shake. 😛

For my breakfast, I picked a daily special omelet with chicken and black beans. Their was this spice that I cannot recall the name of, but gave this omelet a kick.

Chicken Club multi-grain or white bread, chicken, bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, arugula, sun-dried tomato mayo and grainy mustard. This is one big sandwich even though it looks small, lots of ingredients layered into the sandwich. Stuffs you up quickly!

Baked Egg Scramble with free-range eggs, mushroom, goat cheese and sun-dried tomato, shredded redskin potato and toast. This was for my mom and she doesn’t eat goat cheese, so we substitute it with cheddar cheese. This was actually very very good, I think it’s the sun dried tomato. But so juicy and delicious. :9

Meat Loaf Omelet – another daily special of the day. My brother had this and he said it was bitter. I took a bite, it was a little bitter but we are just not quite sure where the bitterness coming from. Maybe a spice?

Daily Special – Tomatoe Curry Lamb Sausage with sunny side up eggs. I don’t eat lamb so I didn’t actually try this. But I tried the sauce. 😛 Was good! It’s basically curry made from tomatoe but it adds this light sour to the creamy sauce. 🙂

I didn’t order pie last time I was there because I was too early. (they make their pies fresh daily, so if you want pie go around noon when most pies are ready) So I chose from three that were ready – lemon meringue pie. I always like lemon meringue because it’s so sour at the bottom and so sweet on top without the cream. This is a very traditional pie with lots of sour at the bottom, you need the egg white meringue on top to balance it out. If you are not into sour, I wouldn’t recommend this.

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Oakwood Canadian Bistro

Visited Oakwood Canadian Bistro for a friend’s birthday. She is always a great foodie source for me, and this time she once again found something great. 🙂 It was a very energetic place down on West 4th. Street meter parking available.

My friend ordered a All Canadian Poutine. I don’t have a photo of it but you will be able to see you once you click into their website. Poutine with real bacon, it was a very delicious poutine for sure although I was just trying out small bites. I would recommend this dish to others if I revisit.

Anyways for my main dish, I ordered the braised boar with potatoe agnolotti, baby carrot and hedghog mushrooms. With fresh parmason on top! Ravioli with cheese inside. The whole dish is quite heavy flavoured but is very good. The dish has a lot of different flavours the boar (rich and tender), the ravioli (aromatic and soft), the mushrooms (spongy and juicy). If you are not into strong flavoured and cheese, you probably won’t like this.

This is not my dish, I only tried out the beet. But o really like the look of the presentation. Duck duo. Almost looks like a sushi dish. But indeed very nice presentation. 🙂

This is also my friend’s dish. I tried it out and it sort of taste like Chinese grilled pork belly. It is pork meat with layers of fat. The crispy pieces on the side are quite oily. I am not sure what they are made of. This dish in general is not suited to my taste.

This is one of those places great for drinks and chat for the night with a small group of friends. I probably would visit if I am in the neighbour.

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