Zen on Yew

So I saw the giant line up and wonder what is the hype all about. Searched it on Urbanspoon and everyone seems to be giving it a pretty good review. We were early so the line up wasn’t too giant. We waited for a bit.

As we got seated, I noticed how small and cramp the place is. Our seats had no settings on them. We waited a bit before we got our menus.

So I ordered a London Fog – wasn’t on the menu but I have asked them to make it for me. Was alright considering it is not a regular menu item. But a little too sweet.

When we got our food, we still didn’t get our settings. So I had to ask the waitress for them. (And she seemed to forgot…) So I asked another one and I finally got them. (Was so hungry with food on the table but no culinary to dig in!)

I can’t really remember what we ordered but I think this one is called Lumberjack Breakfast? Not sure. But anyways, it was served with French toast, smoked ham, two eggs and hash-browns.  The French toast was yummy, very fluffy and soft. Other things are decent.

Then for myself I got a spinach Benedict breakfast. I saw reviews and people say this is AMAZING! But I was disappointed. What is SOOO amazing about this? It was good, but not amazing. The sauce was very filling, is the spinach frensh? They almost feel like frozen spinach. Overall this benedict was good, but not super amazing. 😛

But try the french toast! 🙂
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