Osteria Napoli RistoranteI

Thank you Groupon! Without it I would have never knew that there is this hidden Italian restaurant here. There is no way I would notice this super hidden entrance, in such an area to have an traditional Italian restaurant. I entered through the back and the interior decor reminded me of Al Porto. Everything very alike, but in Vancouver/Burnaby area! 

I think also from the seats that we got, I couldn’t keep my eyes off that beautiful painting in the back. I kept thinking would I feel like I’m there if I sit right next to the painting? 😛

I have never had escargots before, this is my first time. When I was younger, knowing that these are escargots scared my little soul away. But of course as you grow older, you’ll try anything. So I am trying it! I have picked the ones baked in mushroom caps, I wish the mushroom caps would be as big as the escargots, there are so many escargots and not enough mushrooms because they were so good together. Escargots by itself had a very rich and strong flavour but very soft, tender and chewy. I couldn’t stop myself from eating them. (It was salty though, I am guessing too much salted butter. But tasted so yummy with the bread they have provided.)

Cream sauce chicken fettucini – I love fettucini because of the chewiness of the fat noodle. I can never resist cream sauce, they are always need to get at any pasta houses. The pasta needs a little bit more flavouring, the sauce is simply not getting into the pasta. (That is also because fettucini are quite thick.) However the cream sauce was cooked nicely smooth and the chicken had been grilled.

Oh I just love this one, mushroom with tomato sauce and bits of Italian sausages. Especially after fresh grinded pepper adds a totally different kick to it. (But seriously I cannot live without spices.) The nice fungi aroma was brought out by the tomato sauce and with the rich salty flavour from Italian sausage, this dish was delicious.

But portions were very large in this restaurant and after having some bread and escargots I cannot finish (or it looks more like I barely ate it) my pasta. Had it to go and was able to split it into two small lunches. 🙂

Will revisit this neighborhood gem again!

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