Basho Cafe

It was one heavy rain afternoon, my girlfriends and I came out to meet for a Saturday afternoon catch up. This place gets pretty packed on weekend afternoon, so we had to come back later (an hour before they close up). Then I return for a early brunch visit with my family.


This is such an adorable restaurant, every corner of this place shouts cute. This cafe is ran by a friendly Japanese family. Their decor reminds me greatly of Cafe de L’Organerie near Granville. 🙂



Pot of loose leaf tea, they only have small collection of tea (I would say around 5-7 types). Served with black sesame butter cookies. They have a variety of cookies, small cakes, scones and other baked goods displayed.


Tuna Tataki (seared tuna) lunch set – similar to the grilled vegetables lunch sets comes with salad, baked good, soup and tea. Delicious tuna tataki with yuzu(?), which brought the flavour of the tuna out lightly without overpowering it.


Soy milk matcha latte – for almost any drink you order I notice they always give you a small piece of cookie. This matcha latte is smooth and not too sweet, very delicious.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Eat-In Lunch Set – comes with a few cookies as sweets, grilled vegetables on rice, salad, soup and a cup of tea. The colourful vegetables presented on a tray along with other colourful small cups and bowls. The vegetables were fresh and I especially loved the pumpkin mash – oh so tasty.



For the baked goods, we got matcha cranberry cookie, mochi brownie. I LOVED the mochi brownie, I don’t know if this already existed long time ago but it was my first time discovering it. It was rich in chocolate but with a mochi texture, very chewy and bouncy. I am in love, it even made me attempt to make it at home later too! So much fun. 🙂Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

Black sesame cookie and miso madeleine – the miso madeleine was very strong in miso flavour therefore is salty. It was very interesting, I wouldn’t say I love or hate it. Though I think many will find this kind of odd. Black sesame cookies were delicious, I had to order another piece. :pExif_JPEG_PICTURE


Breakfast Scone Sandwich – basically what it looks like. A scone cut open with an egg and a slice of tomatoe (similar to the BLT concept.)



Another thing that I have noticed is that there are lot of home made textile pieces in this restaurant, from coaster to pot warmer all either knitted or stitch patches. Gives you the feeling of grandma’s place. :3



Overall I really like this place, although I think might be a tad bit (tad bit) hyped. It is cute and cozy with friendly staff service and great place to sit and chat with some friends. (Hard to get to without a vehicle in my opinion.) Everything they serve are done with delicacy and care which I really give props for that. I would revisit for sure!

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Chez Christophe Chocolaterie Patisserie

I am having a bit sugar overload summer, visited lots of cafes and dessert places. Got so many eating eating and eating for the summer, almost have no time to blog. 😮  But I am being good now and blogging this new place I found nearby my home.



Clean and chic design of the interior, neatly displayed cakes and chocolates.

chocolate display

chocolate display

cake display

cake display

When I entered the cafe, it felt like I went into a different world. What I meant is that it’s so different from the environment outside (Hastings and a used car dealer on the side), I ordered two pieces of cake with a friend and sat by the window and look from a very quiet cafe out onto the busy street of Hastings. Enjoy an hour and a half of pleasant chat. 🙂

Chez Christophe

Myrtille Vanilla

Myrtille Vanilla

Vanilla Mousse with blueberry sponge cake with blueberry center. This was delicious! I loved it every bit, the soft smooth vanilla mousse with sweet blueberry in the center, the bottom of the cake is a layer of waffle which add texture and crunch to the softness of this cake. Very refreshing and was not overly sweet. Ohh, mouth is watering recalling the taste. 😛



Orange cream with dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut crunch. If you are a chocolate lover you will love this one. Rich dark chocolate mousse with orange cream and crunchy hazelnut made it irresistible.

I am glad I found this place close to home, I would love to try out more cakes from them. However I do have a side note about their customer service…..I would consider take out.

This is a very small store, I entered and saw a lady by the counter right away. However this lady wasn’t very friendly, she seems very unenthusiastic and unwilling to help. I did not see her smile at me the whole entire time I was there – from walking in to ordering to leaving. I know this is a family business, but I think this type of customer service is still unacceptable.

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Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria


When it first opened, my friend recommended me go try them out. So I did! This location used to be Anducci’s (if anyone still remember this). I was seated outside, so I cannot tell if it was renovated from Auducci’s, but I believe not much have changed.


Cotto still served Italian dishes, with wood fire brick forno pizzas. (Similar items to Anducci’s.) So of course we had to order pasta and pizza to complete our casual Italian dinner at Cotto.


Looking at some of the signature dishes we found the Pizza Cotto – Yukon Gold potato, Sloping Hill pancetta, fried brussel sprout leaves, Gorgonzola dolce, fonduta

I enjoyed the flavours of this pizza, quite subtle but very tasty. However the brussel sprout leaves were quite bitter (I never had it before, this is my first time), but I think it would taste much better without the bitter leaves. 😛


Papardelle Carbonara – Two Rivers guanciale, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, roast garlic, 63 degree egg. Now what is 63 degree egg, did they actually measured that when they cooked it? XD But regardless this is a delicious pasta with the pata cooked just right.


For dessert, I’ve ordered the Salted Caramel Budino – Butterscotch pudding, Maldon sea salt, rosemary biscotti. Ohh, this was so yummy! I never had butterscotch pudding but this tasted delicious with sea salt. However the pudding is quite sweet, would be nicer if a little bit less sweet. Rosemary biscotti was also very tasty with the soft smooth butterscotch pudding. I am getting hungry just thinking about this. 😀


Even thought Cotto seems to be in a location that not much people would notice, but it was a quite a hidden neighbourhood gem. I wouldn’t mind going back to it again maybe with a few more friends to try out their bar. 🙂

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Chad Thai

One day, randomly a friend decided to have dinner here. Which is a place that I live super close to and never thought to visit. So finally I paid a visit. 🙂 Of course almost at any Thai restaurant I must order Tom Yung Soup – A spicy and sour creamy soup with white mushrooms, coriander, lemongrass, red onions, kaffir limes leaves and galangal. This one was good sweet and sour and spicy (we ordered the mild), if you can eat very spicy you can definiltatey try their medium. 

Then, it’s the Gai Yung – Thai grilled chicken marinated in Thai herbs and spices, served with sweet chili sauce or spicy Thai dip. I really liked this chicken, the herbs are great with the sweet chili sauce. I loved it so much and tastes great with their jasmine rice. Nomnomnom! :p

Pad Thai with Tiger Prawns – Stir fried thin rice noodles in tamarind sauce, tofu, salted radish, egg, chives, bean sprouts and ground peanuts. Pad thai was okay, wasn’t anything amazing but at least it wasn’t stir fried with ketchup. >3< I had some pad thai before stir fried with ketchup. Was pretty gross. This one wasn’t strong enough for the flavour, I felt like something is missing. Just don’t know what it is…

Overall I liked this quiet little place with friendly services and not too too busy. And close to home, I’ll revisit again to see if they have anything new. 🙂

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Hakkaku Ramen

This is a recently opened ramen place around Hastings and Willingdon area. There are not much ramen places near this neighborhood. So I went to try it out with a bunch of co workers.

Their veggie ramen is loaded with vegetables, so don’t worry about the veggie ramen not filling you up.
I have got myself a shio ramen, didn’t feel like miso. Their shio ramen soup is a little lighter than anything I have tried so far. Their noodle is alright, but isn’t really really good.Maybe I am just picky, but I have tried a lot of ramen places and this is maybe a little below the average I have been trying so far. Chasu was not bad, but I have tasted better.

I am not sure if I will revisit, over all I felt like the food I am getting for the price is not really worth it. Not the food is bad, just I was expecting better.

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