Neverland Tea Salon

This newly opened tea salon on W Broadway has a giant sign on the outside, trust me you won’t miss it. I believe this tea salon opened this summer, they are connected to Opentable so you can easily book a reservation online or even using a mobile app. I love these easy bookings. 😉

Anyways, upon entrance to this tea salon I noticed right away all the ‘vintage’ furniture all over the place. It is a very beautiful and quite large tea salon, full with people. I was glad that I made a reservation. The furniture are not real vintage, they are however very rustic. Pulling that rustic vintage theme together really well. I loved the chandeliers hanging in the middle of the room.


A friendly staff came up and guided me to my table with a bunch of mismatched teacups, adorable and vintage. :3


Neverland has several afternoon tea services and a lot of a-la-carte items that you can order. So it’s great if you can’t finish the whole tea set or would like to try out different items. To share between two girlfriends and I we ordered two mini afternoon tea service and one onion tart with salad to share.

Items from petite afternoon tea set:

Afternoon Tea Set (mini set for two)


Pear Brie Croissant Sandwich – I love brie and thinks brie and pear is a perfect combination. A little bit made in heaven for me. This is a delicious light sandwich with pear fresh and brie creamy – very yummy.


Crabmeat Slider – No more tuna sandwiches (which I pretty much get at all tea places!) Something newer and interesting. I quite liked it.


Fruit Tart – chocolate ‘tart’ base with custard and berries. Can’t really go wrong with that.


Gluten Free Vegan Brownie – very rich and dense fills up verily quickly just having this. (This cafe has a large selection of vegan and gluten free options


Red Wine Onion Tart with Salad – delicious onion tart with goat cheese and candied pecans. I haven’t hate onion tart in a while and for some reason this one seems extra delicious. With puffy pastry and succulent onions with fragrance of red wine. You probably really should try this.


Vegetarian Lunch Sandwich – like I said this restaurant has many gluten free and vegetarian options. You can always ask them to see what is available, which gives a great selections!

IMG_8348Aside from the noise level, this is a really great place. But considering this is a high tea place designed for chatting seems to have a very high noise level. Maybe during the week is better. But this is by far the nosiest high tea place I have been too. I had a little feeling of talking over people to try to communicate.

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Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

For the last bit of sunshine, I went and enjoyed Butter Baked Goods Tea Room’s high tea services. (Which is at a different location than Butter Baked Goods Cafe from my previous post.)

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

This tea place is as adorable as its cafe, full of floral wallpaper and adorable pink and mint green made me felt like looking into a catalog again. 🙂 I like this place is very small and only really fits 7 to 8 tables, but gives this place a nice quietness for chatting away your afternoon with a few girlfriends.

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

They serve three types of tea sets:Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Traditional Afternoon Tea – a regular size afternoon which I’ve ordered with unlimited tea refill

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Butter’s Demilune – lighter version of the regular size with one pot of tea

Children’s Tea – made especially for kids appeal and offers with a glass of milk or teaButter Baked Goods Tea Room

So here is two sets of regular size tea and I’ve ordered the buttercream blend. I have to say they have a very VERY small selection of their tea. This is a tea room, I would expect a little more than just five tea types. Anyways, the tea is just like the sound of the name which I’ve already tried at their cafe. Very creamy, very creamy but in a tea form. :3

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Let’s start the sweet tier (I know, where I always starts. :P) Chocolate Caramel Bar, Lemondrop Butter Cake, Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcake, Cappuccino Bar, Raspberry Chocolate Tart, Pecan Puff.  I would say the lemon cake is good without the overily icing on top. 😛 Cupcakes are delightfully fluffy!

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Chocolate and Raisin Scones with strawberry jam and whipped brown butter.

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Cucumber, Egg Salad Sandwiches, Tuna, Curry Chicken Sliders, Ham Croissant, Quiche. They have some very filling savouries, surefly fills you up in no time. (Maybe another reason why I always start with sweets.)

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room


This little thing I forgot the name of it, but the gummy candy on top is delicious!! Not very sweet and tasted great with crunchy cookies underneath with a little bit of sugar cream.



The chocolate raspberry tart is yummy and look they actually fill the raspberry with chocolate ganache also. *thumbs up for details*

I will revisit, they are adorable and you feel great just sitting there. Food is good and very friendly staff.

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L’Opera Patisserie

I visited this cake shop several times in the last month.  I have to say I quite liked their beautiful decor! It’s perfect for photos. 😀  Tiny little cafe that only fits four tables with the looks of royalty, you do feel a little royal while you are in there. 😉


First time I went it was fully packed with tables of high tea services. So the three of us sat at a tiny table right by the entrance ordering individual cakes and macarons to test out.


Blueberry Tart with an adorable lady bug chocolate – like their other cakes, every one of them are decorated with care.


Mille-Feuille (Napoliean) – Previously I have had napolieans at lots of Asian bakery places and most of the time I don’t like it. Reason is the fluffy pasty is usually inside with cream around and very little fruits and lots of almonds.. and I think you can imagine how soggy the fluffy pastry will become after it sits with the cream for a while. So I sort of had this fear towards napoliean… XD But when I saw this one I thought maybe I can give it a try. I did not regret it at all. Napolieans are always messy to eat because the fluffy crispy pastry on the outside usually shatters and this one did too. But I loved the fresh raspberries to divide the pastries not to touch the cream. I loved this!!! wpid-dsc_0222

I ordered their raspberry rose macaron, with a beautiful fragrant of rose and sweets of raspberry in the middle. I absolutely adorable this macaron. What I liked the most, they are not too sweet! I think I just let it out win all macarons that I have had so far. Sorry for cheating. 😛

Second time back for a quick tea with a girlfriend after work, once again I ordered individual cakes.



It was a boiling summer afternoon, I just couldn’t get myself to have hot tea even though I drove. So I ordered an iced L’Opera tea – I am not sure is it because I kept poking my lemon so my L’Opera tea that is suppose to have hint of smell of chocolate just tasted like lemon iced tea. 😛

My girlfriend’s Mango Religieuse (they actually have other flavours decorated with different colours)  – basically two pastry dome with flavoured cream inside. The mango flavour is nice and strong.


I ordered it again… XD


Blackberries Charlotte – look at the beautiful chocolate butterfly!!! I just love their cute edible decorations on the cake. Blackberry mousse filling layered with sponge cake with lady finger like shell. Oh how come I never tried this cake anywhere else? Delicious mousse filling!


Finally I came back for high tea (okay, maybe it is a little obsessive :P) I can kind of see why this place is always so crowded. Their prices are not outrageous for their high tea service ($25.00/person). They have good service, the staffs are friendly and kind.



Lots of miniature pastries in their high tea – mini blueberry tarts, caramelized cream puff (surprisingly yummy with the caramelized sugar on top), mille-feuille.



I tried out their sesame macaron, equally yummy but I think my favourite is still raspberry rose. :3 The only thing I don’t like is the scone… it was SOOO hard. Like literally hard… I don’t really know what happened there. I will revisit, I just love this little cafe to bits!

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La Petite Cuillère

At the old location of Death By Chocolate on Kingsway(?). I came here on a Tuesday afternoon after my work off early and there was no one person in this tea shop. But I have heard some good reviews about this place so I had to come by to try.

IMG_7204 IMG_7205

The moment I walked into this tea shop, I just fell in love with the decor. It was so vintage, everything!! It sort of reminds me of an old vintage shop with an English accent. 😛 But really, I felt like I am in England (though I’ve never been).


It was a hot day, so a cold iced tea was just so yummy! This iced black tea has sweet and fruity floral flavours, perfect for a hot summer day. (This is only available during the summer, May-September.)


Their cups and saucers are very beautiful, I wonder if the owner collected them all from vintage stores (just like my collection at home? :P). IMG_7216

Unfortunately they do not have any afternoon tea serves during the weekdays (only available Friday to Sunday – see details here.) But they had their petite (small) tea available and since it was 1pm lunch time, we also ordered a sandwich.

La petite cuillère Tea – Two miniature sweets and one of their signature cupcake (maple bacon for that day). Served with a choice of premium loose leaf tea selection (I’ve selected Mango Green –Wonderfully pan fired greens blended with Mangos give this tea a fresh, sweet taste.)

The two miniature sweets I got was a raspberry tart and chocolate brownie. However, I think I got an extra mini blueberry cheesecake also. 😛 These are very simple sweets but they were very tasty in a minature sizes. Just right for sweet tooth lunch!

Then this is the Maple Bacon Cupcake, happens to be feature of the month. I had maple bacon ice cream before, and this is similar taste to it but in a fluffy cupcake form. 🙂 Very tasty but a little over sweet on the icing.IMG_7220


Smoked Salmon with Herbed Cream Cheese and Asparagus Panini – Smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese and asparagus Panini, served with a seasonal green salad and caesar dressing. This is a very delicious panini, freshly made and pressed. Served hot. :)I know this place also has brunch/lunch available, I would love to come back here for a brunch or the actual afternoon tea service. It’s such a beautiful place, I wonder if I can just sit there by myself with a cup of tea and a piece of cake for two hours and just read? Need to try.La Petite Cuillère on Urbanspoon

Pâtisserie Für Elise

If you are a high tea addict like me, you will know about this high tea place that just opened this summer. Throughout the summer, I kept seeing photos of this place on Facebook. After seeing the photos, I just couldn’t resist and had to pay a visit. It’s such a beautifully princess like high tea place in a heritage home around the yaletown/downtown area.

This is the take out area, they offer take out cakes but there is no space for you sit and enjoy the cakes unless you are having afternoon tea there. (And I’ve learnt this in the hard way because I have went there once and thought I could just have cakes. Also please make reservation, because on weekends usually there is no tables free.)

Of course being a girl and a photographer I just couldn’t refrane myself from taking photos. Everything is so pretty in there! I remember my friend said it’s like a princess’ room and it is. So fancy and pink, laces and vintage. So gorgeous, the moment I got seated I just kept thinking what a beautiful place to have a bridal shower party. All the curtains and tables are perfect props for photos.

Another cute fact is that all the waitress inside are dress in pink/white Lolita clothing (if you don’t know what that means, google it :D).
Here is the review for the food. For 30 dollars you will get two hours seating with two tiers and an extra pudding and your choice of tea. I have selected a mango black tea – delicious with honey.

Prosciutto, brie and fresh basil sandwich – this is one filling sandwich. :p
Cucumber dill finger sandwich – if you like dill you’ll like this sandwich, very yummy and creamy.
Wild mushrooms quiche – mmm this is very good, though the quiche tart was a little oily but overall I quite liked this.


Chef’s choice starter – vanilla creme brulee Oh I just couldn’t resist this one, so smooth and flavourful vanilla mmm love love 🙂
Mini Sacher torte – ganache like cake, so rich and smooth
Petit Für Elise – the white piece (i think XD) this is good, tasted something liek white chocolate mousse cake with sponge cakes :9
Daisy Tartlet – this is the pink tart i believe, I actually don’t really like it. Very very sweet and tart crust not crispy enough compared to mousse like filling.
Macaron – average
Pâte de fruit – passion fruit and was nice and chewy and yummy 😉

This is a beautiful place to enjoy afternoon tea, however I do think their savouries win a little more. I will be posting an entry later just on their take out sweets. Stay tuned!

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Urban Tea Merchant

About an year ago I visited Urban Tea Merchant for high tea service. This year I brought my mom to enjoy high tea service for her birthday. We went really early (10:30am), not your typical high tea time. Since it was a holiday they also offer their brunch menu as well as other all day dining and high tea menus.

You will notice this place if you go to Downtown often, you can see it on Alberni or West Georgia (connects to both sides). Since I went with my family, we had to order some savouries to satisfy the gentlemen’s appetites.

This is “sweet france” duck confit salad warm, shredded duck confit, fresh orange segments and watercress, tossed in Sweet France Tea vinaigrette served over a crispy crepe. This salad is very tasty, the duck worked well with the tea vinaigrette also with the crispy crepe adding texture to the salad. The sweet oranges balances out the light bitterness of the watercress.

For my dad, I ordered him smoked salmon with wasabi mayo & ponzu jelly 16 seasonal greens with 1837 Black Tea vinaigrette. He especially liked the wasabi mayo, this is a moderate though the salmon is really fresh and salad was good. But I have to say there is really nothing special about this. But you really like salmon you will enjoy this.

My mom and I shared the Westcoast Tea Set. Which includes tea-infused macaron, chevron strawberry, chocolate truffle & fresh exotic fruit open-faced smoked salmon & wasabi aioli with in-house ponzu jelly, miso-maple glazed sable fish wrapped in butter lettuce, Lapsang Souchong tea-infused chicken salad cone, boursin cheese mousse with crisp endive & candied walnut edible spring flowers.


Since there are so many items, I will talk about two that stood out to me.

The sable fish wrapped in lettuce is actually very good. The sable fish was nice and tender with a flavourful miso. Since miso is a stronger sauce, it worked great with lettuce which gave it a fresh taste. I really enjoyed this one. 🙂

I liked the candied walnut with cheese mousse. Yummy fresh endive with cheese mousse (something like cream cheese) and crunchy walnut. :9 I think I can easily eat a couple of these!

Along side we ordered ‘The Little Gourmet” tea set includes tea-infused macaron, chevron strawberry, petit fours, fresh fruit and fresh baked chocolate chips scone with crème & strawberry jam. Tiger Hill Tea-infused egg salad finger sandwich, cucumber, watercress & cracked black pepper tea sandwich, petit tea-infused chicken salad cone, chocolate & jelly tea sandwich.

The chicken salad cone is yummy, loves the idea of putting the salad into a mini waffle cones. 🙂

Overall I liked all the food I was enjoying, but that exotic fruit (pink) in the set were something we just couldn’t have. It was such a funny sour flavour with the wrong texture, almost made me felt like I was eating something that is about to go bad. But who knows, maybe someone else would enjoy that.

Mont Blanc (white tea) served in a cute little pot. Very nice fragrant tea without any strong flavours.

I had their signature 1837 black tea. (A unique blend of black tea with notes of fruits and flowers from the Bermuda triangle which leaves a lingering aftertaste of ripe berries, anise, and caramel. A timeless classic.) I had it last time and I had it again. Because it is such a nice tea with cream or milk. I even bought some home with me. 🙂

The other two teas we had were Alfonso and Happy Birthday. Alfonso is black with mango, if you like fruit flavoured tea this is a good one to try. Happy Birthday tastes something like a vanilla rooibos.

We felt a little rushed at the end when we got the bill. (We didn’t ask for the bill.) I am not sure if it is because there is another table coming after us, but we weren’t aware there are seating time limit. But overall the service was good and time was spent to explain to us when we had questions.

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