Rose House


I have heard of this place mentioned in lots of Facebook posts, so of course I needed to give it a try. This café is almost invisible, I barely noticed it and drove by it as I was searching for the place. It is tucked away and also doesn’t have a stand out entrance. When I walked in, it gave me a  feeling of royalty and glamorous. It is actually a verily small place, not many seats available, but it was able to give off a grand atmosphere.


They offer many different types of food but many (many as in 80 to 85%) are rose infused in one way or the other. Few sizes of afternoon tea, a la carte dessert items, various types of floral or fruit tea.




Few of my friends had recommended this Rose Water to me. The moment it was brought to our table, everyone just couldn’t stop saying how beautiful it looks. Yes, iced pink rose water in a clear glass jar. Something probably not many girls can resist. :3  It taste as pretty as it looks, swift of rose fragrant as you sip down this water. Makes you feel like you’re in a rose garden. (But if you are not into flower scented food, I wouldn’t recommend this.)




Cheesecake Waffle – both infused with rose essences. Waffles were served warm on the side, light and crispy. But I really enjoyed the rose infused cheesecake, you can taste light rose scent with the smooth fluffy cheesecake. I probably would just order this next time I return. :p




Prince William Afternoon TeaExif_JPEG_PICTURE


Savory Tier: Deviled Egg, Salmon Sandwich, Pepper Tuna Open Toast, Egg Salad Sandwich, Cocktail Shrimp



In general, their savory items are very standard and to me some seems to be quite odd to show up in a high tea set. But they were decent, nothing quite outstanding.




Scone, quiche were served with rose infused (yes again, but I’ve warned you)  jam and whipped butter.




Sweet Tier: Macaron, Strawberry Philly, Honey Jelly, Cream Puff and Panna Cotta



I especially liked the honey jelly, refreshing jelly with a little bit of whipped cream.




We also ordered a Tiramisu on the side. This one is not rose infused, traditional tiramisu. Traditionally basic and good.

Fresh Fruit Tea – very basic tea that you can order at many cafes or tea places.

They have quite bit of tea selection and they would explain on the menu what are the benefits of certain type of tea. You can also ask the staff and they can explain to you the flavours of the tea.


I would recommend this place as they have many options not like many afternoon tea places where you can only order afternoon tea. And if you really like rose scent, this is definitely the place for you as you get to enjoy many items rose essence infused. Of course, everything is just so pretty.


Please enjoy the tea, your highness. 😉

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Faubourg 3

It’s been a while since I have came here. Came here with a two kids and two adults on a Sunday and it was BUSY! When I was placing the order, we had to wait for seats. If you have been here you know this is a very small cafe and it is usually very busy but today was extra busy. But regardless we got our seats. (To accommodate 5 people.)

The triple chocolate tower – ” A chocolate lover’s dream! Three layers of rich fine dark, milk and white chocolate on a hazelnut sponge base, finished with a chocolate glaze.”

This is my piece of heavy. I loved the soft and fluffiness of this cake and the richness of the chocolate. If you are a chocolate fan, please try it!

Charlotte Royale – citrus jello at the bottom with wafflers and chocolate mousse.This one has a lot of texture going on and it sure is different than the other ones you can have at this cafe.

Grapefruit Tart – this is a seasonal version of the lemon tart that they have. Similar sour to the lemon and same type of foaming texture. Thought I felt like I like the lemon better because I can really taste the strong flavour of lemon.

Soon I’ll revisit for new stuff. 😉

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Adonia Tea House

I am sure for those high tea enthusiast would have heard of this small high tea place in Kerrisdale (high tea paradise :P). Adonia is located on West 41st Ave which offers afternoon tea, lunch and to go.

They use really adorable antique chinas, to match the overall theme of the cafe. Floral wallpaper and green cabinets, gives you a warm homey feeling to this cafe.

I have been here before for afternoon tea and I can never finish their food! (But really I can never finish any high tea sets and always have to bring some home. So this time I ordered the mini set (without having lunch prior) and still I could barely finish the set. (Mini set gives a sample of the afternoon high tea set, good for girls with small appetite and wants to try everything. 🙂 )

The mini tea set (6 pieces of mini sweets and savouries) is served with curry chicken croissant sandwich, ham and cheese crust-less sandwich, tuna sandwich, chocolate brownie cake, fruit tart/lemon meringue tart, chestnut tart with raspberry. I am not too into their savouries, they are very average. However their sweets are decent. (Though I have tried better, but Adonia is really good price for the environment you get.)

Usually I go for this place if I am feeling casual. Otherwise there are many more high tea places you can choose from around the neighbourhood at a little more price for a little more quality.
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