Sushi by Yuji

I saw this new sushi place that popped by on Kingsway and Nanaimo, oh new sushi place! But at a glance it looks like a very quiet place not many people. Then later I saw photos of my friends visiting this sushi place and they recommended it so I decided to really try it out myself.


It’s very quiet, there were only one extra table there with my friends and I. It is also a very clean place, ran by Japanese – their whole staff crew speaks Japanese to each other.



Wild Salmon Sashimi – fresh and tenderExif_JPEG_PICTURE

Yuji’s Roll – shrimp, ika, cucumber, salmon. I really like how the ika (squid) played in this roll, gave chewy texture and light sweetness to the roll. Then there are these very bouncy shrimps and velvet like salmon. Mmm, I high recommend this.


Negi Shio Saba Roll with  Ginger – do you like ginger? IF you do you will like this one. It also tasted real great with saba, I have never eaten saba with ginger (mostly just onion) but it is great to balance out the over powering saba flavour.


Ika Mentaiko (Gunkan) – fresh chewy squid sashimi with mentaiko (marinated roe of pollock). These mentaiko which you can find in many Japanese udon. They are extra delicious with squid and seaweed.


Hamachi Avocado Roll – I never thought of the combination of hamachi of avocado would be perfect harmony. The nice creamy avocado adds to the smooth rich hamachi, they really do work great together.



And I have to say, even with different types and new creative combinations of sushi the sushi chef still roll his perfect Japanese sushi rolls. (You should notice in my other posts how important it is for me for sushi to roll in the perfect firmness.)


With great sushi this place comes with great service and friendly staff. I would revisit for sure, It is at a very awkward location that most people would probably not notice. So if you go, open your eyes and look hard for their sign! Enjoy everyone. 🙂

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Kamamarui Ramen Sushi

My brother took me to this new ramen place in Burnaby. He told me three times that I should try, so I did. As I came to the place, it has a very cute entrance with a lantern outside with RAMEN (in Japanese) written on it. As I entered the restaurant the first thing I noticed is, there are only tables enough to seat 10 people in the restaurant. But don’t get me wrong because there are room, just not enough seats. Rustic and raw decor.


Then the second thing I noticed is the very happy staff/store owner. His smile is just unforgettable. I cannot remember the last time I saw such a happy genuine smile in the customer service industry. This, I cannot take a photo and you need to go see for yourself. But his service will be something that you will tell your friends about this place. Trust me. 🙂


So from the recommendations from my brother we order a ramen + bomb combo and a sushi roll combo.



You need to try the BOMB – seasoned seaweed with rice teriyaki sauce nigiri. These are so delicious!!! Even though you can really get full, and we ordered two orders. But they are so tasty I had to eat two pieces! 😛 Chewy rice with seaweed flavour! :9Kamamrui

When you order spicy ramen or the regular, essentially it is the same ramen but the spicy sauce comes on the side.


Let’s talk about the ramen, the broth is not overly creamy and not too salty. Nice chewy noodle but one thing I noticed is also what my brother mentioned is that they do not use fatty meat for their cha-shu. Yes, that’s right. Even from the photo you can see that there is no fatty meat. But without fatty meat, the cha-shui is still quite tender. But I think it’s hard to control that for every single piece. I noticed certain pieces are more tender some are tougher. But I quite like the non-fat cha-shu.


Soft Eggs – these are delicious eggs topped with sweet soysauce/teriyaki sauce. I recommended these to an egg lover and he absolutely loved it. 😛


I ordered the chopped scallop and the cheese dynamite roll. You know they are decent sushi – but I tend to notice this with lots of Korean own sushi places is that the rice is rolled not tight enough. Sushi rices tend to fall off before I can pick up the piece with my chopsticks. But aside from that the sushi are good tasting.

But afterall I love their BOMB. :9 I just can’t get enough. 😉

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La Petite Cuillère

At the old location of Death By Chocolate on Kingsway(?). I came here on a Tuesday afternoon after my work off early and there was no one person in this tea shop. But I have heard some good reviews about this place so I had to come by to try.

IMG_7204 IMG_7205

The moment I walked into this tea shop, I just fell in love with the decor. It was so vintage, everything!! It sort of reminds me of an old vintage shop with an English accent. 😛 But really, I felt like I am in England (though I’ve never been).


It was a hot day, so a cold iced tea was just so yummy! This iced black tea has sweet and fruity floral flavours, perfect for a hot summer day. (This is only available during the summer, May-September.)


Their cups and saucers are very beautiful, I wonder if the owner collected them all from vintage stores (just like my collection at home? :P). IMG_7216

Unfortunately they do not have any afternoon tea serves during the weekdays (only available Friday to Sunday – see details here.) But they had their petite (small) tea available and since it was 1pm lunch time, we also ordered a sandwich.

La petite cuillère Tea – Two miniature sweets and one of their signature cupcake (maple bacon for that day). Served with a choice of premium loose leaf tea selection (I’ve selected Mango Green –Wonderfully pan fired greens blended with Mangos give this tea a fresh, sweet taste.)

The two miniature sweets I got was a raspberry tart and chocolate brownie. However, I think I got an extra mini blueberry cheesecake also. 😛 These are very simple sweets but they were very tasty in a minature sizes. Just right for sweet tooth lunch!

Then this is the Maple Bacon Cupcake, happens to be feature of the month. I had maple bacon ice cream before, and this is similar taste to it but in a fluffy cupcake form. 🙂 Very tasty but a little over sweet on the icing.IMG_7220


Smoked Salmon with Herbed Cream Cheese and Asparagus Panini – Smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese and asparagus Panini, served with a seasonal green salad and caesar dressing. This is a very delicious panini, freshly made and pressed. Served hot. :)I know this place also has brunch/lunch available, I would love to come back here for a brunch or the actual afternoon tea service. It’s such a beautiful place, I wonder if I can just sit there by myself with a cup of tea and a piece of cake for two hours and just read? Need to try.La Petite Cuillère on Urbanspoon

Koi Japanese Tapas Bar

I noticed this place every time driving by Kingsway, and every single time I would slow down to see what is this place about. Usually later (around 11pm) this places get very packed – almost made me think that there is a lounge in the suburbs area of Burnaby. I got there around 5pm, I guess it is a little early for dinner. But there is no one in the restaurant.

I lied, there is someone sitting by the bar. But I believe it is a friend of the owner. They were having so much fun drinking on their own.

Since I was there for dinner, I have ordered a few things to share between the two of us.
Salmon SashimiFresh salmon sashimi – for us small eater, I asked them to make a half size portion, and it was just the perfect size!

deep fried yam, cucumber topped with avocado and sesame sauce
This one had an interesting name, so I ordered it. Black Forest Roll, though there is nothing black about this sushi roll. 😛 This is quite a normal sushi roll but what made it different was the sesame sauce. I really like sesame myself and the sauce was great subtly bringing out the flavours of cucumber which gave it crunch and freshness.

Harumaki Salad Roll

Bang Bang Ji

We didn’t feel too much like sushi rolls, because the person I was sharing sushi with doesn’t like tuna. And LOTS of rolls contains tuna. So we got this BangBangJi Salad Roll – if you had bang bang ji salad, this is pretty much the salad wrapped in a thin rice paper (those used in Vietnamese spring rolls). I think was quite good, helped the salad kept its shape without interrupting too much of the original salad flavour.

Japanese Poutine
I can’t remember if this was on the menu… but it’s fries served with gravy and Japanese curry and nori. Oh I loved this one. Such a good combination of fries and curry (Japanese curry tends to be sweeter.) This would have been perfect if you are drinking.

I would like to revisit when it is busy to see what the vibe is suppose to be.

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Nao Sushi

It was 8pm and we were hungry. Most restaurants are either closed or closing, but luckily I found this was still open but 30mins until closing. So I ordered super fast and ate super fast. 😛

We went for something basic and a few specials that we saw on the wall.

Tempura Udon – The tempura were fried very nicely, just enough batter and not too long. Udons were cooked to just chewy with a lighter soup base.

Steamed clam shells in buttered soup – wait I can’t remember if this was steamed or cooked. But regardless I remember the butter. I don’t think the clams were fresh, they didn’t taste fresh and out of a mini pot of 15ish pieces I had around 4 that are not open. (Clams don’t cook open if they are already dead.)

Negitoro – I always order this because my love for toro. This one is alright. I think the sushi rice can be better, they were a little overcooked.

Pressed Saba Sushi – The sushi rice really failed any sushi of the night. The flavour is fine but I can’t help but notice how the sushi rice is overcooked. 😦


I have been here several times, and I am not that impressed every time. (But hey I never suggest coming here… :P) And their food quality compared to their price I think it’s just not worth it. I really think they can do a lot better with better service and just a little more refined food.

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This little dessert place not very noticeable but I didn’t regret going in. It was a very quite cafe that serves herb tea, bubble tea, and sweet soup dessert. It is rare to find a sweet soup dessert place in Vancouver. Only two girls work there, which I believe are also the store owner.

We ordered the red bean sweet soup with taro. I was impressed and pleased. With the price I pay I get this decent size sweet soup with lots of fresh taro. Wasn’t overily sweet, but I truly enjoyed it.

The other item we ordered is grass jelly with fresh mango topped with evaporated milk. Mangoes are sweet and fresh. Again decent portion.

I like this place, they also open late for late night cravings.


Will revisit!
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