Chocolate Arts Cafe

Snowball's Chance in Hell's Fire

I am back again for their hot chocolate this year.  Last year I got to try the Amour (raspberry drinking chocolate), then I said to myself I will revisit again next year for chocolate festival so here I am again.

Their hot chocolate name caught my eye when I was browsing through the hot chocolate festival website: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell’s Fire. Wow what a dramatic name then I wondered what it was so I had to order it.

It was served in a bowl, yes in a bowl which is a little big bigger than a Chinese rice bowl. In the center there is a cold cold chocolate ice cream ball with a little bit of hot chocolate they pour for you and also provide some on the side. In comparison to the Thierry’s ice cream hot chocolate I felt this is much better. Reason? It stays hot! The hot chocolate they serve is pipping hot, which is great!

The ice cream is stayed intact unless you went to stir it. But I loved the spicy chili powder that comes at the end! Just a little bit (but at the bottom and you drink up then it’ll hit you).

Maybe it is time to switch over from Thierry…. 😛

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Butter Baked Goods & Cafe

When my friend first told me about this place, I got instantly attracted by the name of the cafe. They also have an afternoon tea room which serves afternoon tea service. Which I am excited to try also. 😀

Butter Cafe is quite far away from where I live, but I don’t regret making this trip. The place is adorable and everything had this modern vintage feel to it.


Was here for a late lunch/tea with friends so we ordered sandwiches, quiche and tart.

Lemon Meringue Tart

I ordered a lemon meringue tart (when I checked the website, I realized that it is a Saturday special unless you order in advance) with butter tea. The tart shell was quite stiff, I made a giant noise trying to crack it open with my fork. 😛 But the lemon curd was sour and refreshing. I loved it! Also loved how it was sort of mini size.

Butter Tea

Their sandwiches, soup and quiche are changed daily so whatever is in season and whatever they feel like making! Which I think it’s great, because if you revisit often. You can always try out different things.

Quiche of the Day

I took a small bite out of my friend’s quiche of the day, very delicious. Quiche tends to scare me because most ones I try elsewhere are very oily. These were perfect.

Ham and BrieHam and brie on rye. I am sure there are many people out there who doesn’t enjoy rye because they tend to be drier and rougher. But I think brie and rye are such perfect match to each other.

LatteAll drinks are served with a tiny cookie that goes well with your drink. Which I find very cute also.

I would love to try out their tea room for afternoon tea service soon!!
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Hitoe Sushi

Oh it’s been a while since I made an update. Sorry! I had been very busy with starting many new things in life. Even with the little time I have, I try my best to venture out and find out great food for everyone! 🙂

So here we go!


I landed on this sushi place accidentally on the internet. Even though it is quite far from where I live, I still went to try out after seeing all the great reviews. When I entered, I noticed how quite the place is. I am not sure if it is because I went quite early on a Thursday night, but I notice how many people do take outs instead of sitting in.


Chopped scallop delicious with bits of cucumber strips, which gave the chopped scallop roll more crunch. Also love the tobikos on top! 🙂


Dinner box set served with miso soup, rice, salmon sashimi, seaweed salad and mackerel. The mackerel was grilled I believe, with a little bit of soy sauce/miso?? Which was very tasty! The fish stayed very smooth and tender. :9Exif_JPEG_PICTURE


I am sorry but I cannot remember the name of this dish, it was on the feature menu. But the outside is a rice paper and ginger instead of seaweed. But I really liked this one. It’s spicy, sweet, fresh with a a hint of yuzu sauce. Made this a very refreshing roll, if only I can remember what this is called… 😦 If I recall I will edit this post!!!

But this place is a must try!

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Gem Chocolate

Thanks for Hot Chocolate Festival, I discovered a lot of chocolate shops and chocolate cafes. Gem Chocolates – Upon entrance, it is a very small chocolate shop, very clean and bright. As I walked up the chocolate display, I felt like a kid again wanting everything in the display shelf.

When I visited they were serving creme brulee hot chocolate. I also ordered three pieces of chocolate – Lai-Chi (White), Berry Blue(Square) and Lava.


Creme Brulee Drinking Chocolate – freshly made and served with the caramel on top, has a slight creme brulee burnt to it. Though I wish it was in a mug so it stayed warm longer.

Lai-Chi – fresh lychee infusion in white chocolate ganache, very delicious and smooth; filled with lychee frangant. I loved this one dearly.

Berry Blue – Rooibos blueberry tea infusion in milk chocolate ganache: good strong blueberry taste

Lava – spicy dark chocolate ganache with a kick: the spicy sure gave this dark chocolate a cake. So delicious.

Overall their chocolates are good and so pretty, I would buy these as gifts and share with my friends. 🙂 But of course it is a cute place to sit and chat (though it is very small and only has 3 bar type seats)

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Chocolate Arts


I have previously received a box of chocolate from Chocolate Arts as a gift from a friend. I enjoyed their chocolate and the looks of their chocolate comes in a very simple clean silver tin box (which now I use to store my accessories). I always see their little stand inside the Granville Island Market Place, but I never knew about their store which locates on W3rd (close to Fir Street).


So for the Hot Chocolate Festival, I came here to visit and I fell in love! With the place, it’s beautiful and so many chocolates to look at. 🙂

They are serving two hot chocolate during the festival, and I have selected the #20 – “ARMOURY AMOUR”

Cocoa Barry “Madirofolo”– a single plantation chocolate, kissed with raspberry,and served with a mini lemon and basil ice cream sandwich.

This smooth dark chocolate with raspberry flavours and beautiful presentation was such a wonderful touch to an raining afternoon cafe chat. I was so glad that it wasn’t overly sweet. 🙂
Armoury AmourAlong side an dark chocolate ice cream sandwich with lemon basil filling was served. Though the sandwich was tad bit hard, I enjoyed the combination of the whole thing so much!!  The basil brought out the flavours of dark chocolate and lemon. It was just so yummy with the hot chocolate.
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Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Hot Chocolate Festival is here, I have seen this festival in previously last year but never got around to try out any of the cafes. So this year along with Dine Out Vancouver, I am also enjoying all the hot chocolate I can find. 😉

Beaucoup cafe located on Fir (close to Grandville Island) but is addressed as Kitslano. (It is a little complicated to explain the location, it would be much easier to google it.) I have first noticed their Facebook advertising and had been wanting to try since they opened (Winter 2012).

So finally last Sunday I paid a visit and also get to try out their hot chocolate with passion fruit. They were so busy on a Sunday afternoon, packed with people and every table filled! We ordered our items and quickly got a window bar seat near the door.

Of course if I am in ANY bakery place, I just need to get myself a piece of pastry. Sharing with a girlfriend, we got ourselves lemon tart and apple tart.


This lemon tart is very sour, but it was good sour. Very concentrated lemon with buttery tart crust. It was also very pleasant to look at while I eat it up. 😛IMG_7562

The apple tart was so cutely decorated with an apple stem and a slice of green apple as leaf. It was also very good, very strong apple (sauce?) flavour and delicious tart crust.

Our tarts were given to us right away and we waited for a long time for our hot chocolate. Then I went to check again and they realized that they never got the order.

The passion fruit was a strong force. 😛 It was so fragrant that almost taste like perfume (in a good way). This drinking chocolate is not too sweet but has a beautiful passion fruit aroma was very delicious. Though I got full quite fast. The small heart cookie that came with the chocolate has salt on it, which tasted great with the hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

This is one energetic cafe (probably because of the size, therefore feels more packed). I had a few moments of hard to heard during my conversation, but it died down towards their closing time.

I like the feel and look of this cafe, and would revisit again. Hopefully next time it will be less crowded! And they won’t forget my order. 😛

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Fable Kitchen

Dined here with a group of 8, glad that I’ve made a reservation because this is one busy restaurant! I wasn’t feeling too hungry, and not meaty… so I ordered a beet salad and mushroom flat bread to share with my friend. Even though these are appetizer sizes, they seem to be quite large for me. I couldn’t finish my share of the dishes.

Beet Salad (sorry for the blurry photo, it was so dark in there I couldn’t control my hand from shaking! 😥 )

Beet Salad

I absolutely love beet, maybe it’s the sweet or maybe it’s the colors? Whatever it is, it was a pleasure to look at and a delight to eat. Sweet beets with Herb yogurt and quinoa and coffee streusel. I have never eaten coffee streusel (or streusel of any sort before), I couldn’t understand what it was and had to go online to look. 😛 They are very similar to bread crumbs but a little bit more crispy, almost had this deep fried texture to them. However it was delicious with the salad. Brings out the sweet flavours of beet salad. A very tasty beet salad.

Mushroom Flat Bread served with Olive oil, arugula, parmesan

Mushroom Flat Bread

This mushroom flat bread is as large as a small size pizza. I think this is what mostly filled me up. This is another very interesting sweet dish, I am not quite sure where did the sweet come from. Onions? Mushroom? I was very clueless where did the sweetness came from, it was really sweet (not something that taste like sugary but something very natural). But regardless what the sweet is, I just couldn’t help but kept eating it!! (Though I got quite full quickly and it was a little messy to eat.)
I think I remember Fable originally was Wet Bar? Anyways this is a great comfort food place to go on W4th with a size no larger than 6-8 to be comfortably seated and intimate enough to talk. (This is an energetic restaurant, therefore has medium-high noise.)

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Thomas Haas (2)

It’s been a while since I have went back, so on a nice Sunday afternoon I revisit this place with two girlfriends. If it wasn’t that far away from home, I would definitely revisit more often. Once again so nice to smell the great coffee aroma in the air as I enter this place. But this time it was really busy (Saturday afternoon), fully packed and if it wasn’t my friend who got there early, I think we’ll have to wait for a bit for an available seat.

Decaf latte

I asked the staff which of the cake is seasonal (I always want to eat seasonal or limited time items. :P) and she recommended this one to me. I didn’t feel strong urge of chocolate, so I am happy with this fruity tart. Fresh raspberry with and crispy almonds on the side made this a very nice refreshing tart and worked really well with my latte. Sweet sour and creamy bitter, so perfect.

My friend arrived late and ordered the pear almond tart and I got to try it out. This one is a lot sweeter but tender soft center paired with crunchy tart shell.

Once again I enjoyed everything here!

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Zen on Yew

So I saw the giant line up and wonder what is the hype all about. Searched it on Urbanspoon and everyone seems to be giving it a pretty good review. We were early so the line up wasn’t too giant. We waited for a bit.

As we got seated, I noticed how small and cramp the place is. Our seats had no settings on them. We waited a bit before we got our menus.

So I ordered a London Fog – wasn’t on the menu but I have asked them to make it for me. Was alright considering it is not a regular menu item. But a little too sweet.

When we got our food, we still didn’t get our settings. So I had to ask the waitress for them. (And she seemed to forgot…) So I asked another one and I finally got them. (Was so hungry with food on the table but no culinary to dig in!)

I can’t really remember what we ordered but I think this one is called Lumberjack Breakfast? Not sure. But anyways, it was served with French toast, smoked ham, two eggs and hash-browns.  The French toast was yummy, very fluffy and soft. Other things are decent.

Then for myself I got a spinach Benedict breakfast. I saw reviews and people say this is AMAZING! But I was disappointed. What is SOOO amazing about this? It was good, but not amazing. The sauce was very filling, is the spinach frensh? They almost feel like frozen spinach. Overall this benedict was good, but not super amazing. 😛

But try the french toast! 🙂
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Thomas Haas – W 4th

Famous for their wide selection of chocolate with all kinds of flavour and their chocolate desserts – being a chocolate lover I must give this a try.

Crispy Chocolate Orange – seasonal special changed from the crispy chocolate raspberry. Dark Manjari chocolate mousse with bits of orange peels and crispy hazelnut wafer. The orange peels were a little bit bitter but taste right with the sweet sweet chocolate.

Hazelnut Praline – Hazelnut mousseline with layers of vanilla cake, crispy wafers, hazelnut dacquoise, thin dark chocolate ganache and hint of rum. If you like hazelnut you will love this! I always like their mousse cakes are layered with cripsy wafers, gave great texture to the soft light mousse cake. The hazelnut is so strong and smooth! (My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.)
I had their dessert a few times and they never disappoint me. If you are really into chocolate you should give their chocolate collection a try. You won’t regret it. 🙂

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