Richmond Night Market

Every year summer night market is a must attend event. This year the new Richmond night market by River Rock Casino brings up more hype and live to the city of Richmond. There are always tons of food stands that is impossible to try all. So I picked a few ‘easy’ ones.

First off I went to Daikichi Bakudanyaki for something that would fill my stomach. I got the wasabi. Bakudanyaki is pretty much a giant takoyaki – inside it has squid, quail egg, cabbage, green onion, red ginger and corn. To get the true essence of this bakudanyaki you need to tear and stir it while it’s hot. Then mixed with sauce and mayo and dried fish flakes on top, it is truly a yummy satisfying treat. If you have had Tenku (food cart in Richmond on Charles Street) before, this is from the same creator! So quality is still good. 🙂


Next off my friend got the Fresh Squeezed Lemonade. I had a sip of the original flavour and surprised me that it wasn’t overly sour or sweet. Very refreshing. They have jumbo size for $6.00 but that size is good enough for the whole night market round.

While my friends lined up for egg waffles from Egg Puff (20mins wait), I went to get there skewers from It’s All About Grill – garlic chicken, bacon sausage, spicy pork. I tried this place last year at the old summer night market and it was good. I have to say I was pretty disappointed this year. Half of the chicken was burnt and tried, couldn’t really taste the garlic. Bacon sausage was so salty and oily. The pork, yes it’s pork but not spicy.


Finally got the egg waffles. My friends for strawberry and chocolate. I liked the strawberry, it was a really nice fragrant aroma – similar to a strawberry cracker. It surprised me a little bit.  🙂 Also good that they were soggy (I hate soggy egg waffles. 😦 ) But I think being a traditional Asian girl, I like the traditional egg flavoured. 😛



Then my friends came with a banana chocolate spring roll. It was so hot (first bite :p). It was actually not bad, wasn’t overily oily. A little on the sweet side.


I got thirsty so I went for Mangoo for a Mango papaya slush. It was nice and slushy feeling, though I really wish it taste less of the canned mango paste. I thought it was going to be fresh mango…


At one of the many aisle corners, there was this tenpanyaki squid. Very spicy but actually pretty good. Wasn’t dried out, good chewiness to the squid. But once again I must warn, it is very spicy. Buy a drink if you are going to eat this.

Last we hit I Tofu stand for some fresh soymilk. Yes it was fresh not from a store container. One of those store grinded soy milk. I liked it! I think next time I go there, I’ll get a large one for the night. 🙂

Too much food need to go few more times to try it all.

PS: Sorry for the quality of photos, I was using phone camera. 😛

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