Marche St George

Found this cute little French cafe through online reviews. A traditional French cafe/corner store located in a quite neighborhood off Main St and King Edward.

They use vintage silver wares and ceramic bowls for your coffee and tea, seats are cover by quilts and soft fur rugs. There isn’t much to choose from for eating, but it’s a beautiful little place to enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee. It is a very self serve cafe with friendly staff.

Visit their homepage.


Monday – Wednesday 8am-6pm
Thursday – Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday – Sunday 9am-7pm

Location: 4393 St. George at the corner of 28th.

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Cibo Trattoria

Located in downtown Vancouver, a restaurant that is part of the Moda Hotel. I came here with a friend who brought me here to celebrate my birthday. As I entered the restaurant I just loved the decor, modern and bold with a beautiful lamp (yes I get distracted by bright objects).

Cibo is much like an Italian tapas where you order small dishes to enjoy with wine or drinks. I have ordered a special drink from the bar. It is a spiked London Fog, oh so yummy and dreamy at the same time. I just absolutely loved it!

For food we ordered a few things including ravioli, grilled shrimps, halibut and rabbit. (Sorry I couldn’t remember their fancy names.) I especially like the ravioli as it was the perfect creaminess, unlike some restaurants they tend to make their ravioli very creamy but too oily at the same time. It wasn’t heavy, just the perfect texture and thickness it needs to be. The grilled shrimps and halibut is pretty much just nothing out of the ordinary, both simple and couldn’t go wrong if you have fresh ingredients. The rabbit was a little too gamy for my likely and the texture was much like chicken (everything tastes like chicken. XD) but this could be because it is my first time having rabbit.

The service was added bonus to the evening, it was very attentive and they spent time recommending the menu to us whenever we had a question. I would like to go back again. 🙂 😀 😉

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Smoking Dog Bistro

Was going to an art show with two friends and would like to grab a quick lunch before hand, then we came across of this little bistro in the neighborhood of Kitslano. I got attracted by their name and the logo. 😛 The server greeted us right away when we entered the bistro and we were seated by the window (it was a nice sunny day!), the restaurant is spacious with clean and new furnishings.

I’ve ordered a free range chicken with mushroom sauce. The sauce were so yummy for the fries! Chicken was not overcooked and a little dry, but when the sauce it made it very juicy with great creamy flavour. I do not recall what my friends had ordered. 😛

It was a great environment for lunch and service was great. I would definitely go back again and maybe try out their dinner menu.

Smoking Dog Bistro website.

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