Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

For the last bit of sunshine, I went and enjoyed Butter Baked Goods Tea Room’s high tea services. (Which is at a different location than Butter Baked Goods Cafe from my previous post.)

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

This tea place is as adorable as its cafe, full of floral wallpaper and adorable pink and mint green made me felt like looking into a catalog again. 🙂 I like this place is very small and only really fits 7 to 8 tables, but gives this place a nice quietness for chatting away your afternoon with a few girlfriends.

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

They serve three types of tea sets:Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Traditional Afternoon Tea – a regular size afternoon which I’ve ordered with unlimited tea refill

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Butter’s Demilune – lighter version of the regular size with one pot of tea

Children’s Tea – made especially for kids appeal and offers with a glass of milk or teaButter Baked Goods Tea Room

So here is two sets of regular size tea and I’ve ordered the buttercream blend. I have to say they have a very VERY small selection of their tea. This is a tea room, I would expect a little more than just five tea types. Anyways, the tea is just like the sound of the name which I’ve already tried at their cafe. Very creamy, very creamy but in a tea form. :3

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Let’s start the sweet tier (I know, where I always starts. :P) Chocolate Caramel Bar, Lemondrop Butter Cake, Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcake, Cappuccino Bar, Raspberry Chocolate Tart, Pecan Puff.  I would say the lemon cake is good without the overily icing on top. 😛 Cupcakes are delightfully fluffy!

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Chocolate and Raisin Scones with strawberry jam and whipped brown butter.

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Cucumber, Egg Salad Sandwiches, Tuna, Curry Chicken Sliders, Ham Croissant, Quiche. They have some very filling savouries, surefly fills you up in no time. (Maybe another reason why I always start with sweets.)

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room

Butter Baked Goods Tea Room


This little thing I forgot the name of it, but the gummy candy on top is delicious!! Not very sweet and tasted great with crunchy cookies underneath with a little bit of sugar cream.



The chocolate raspberry tart is yummy and look they actually fill the raspberry with chocolate ganache also. *thumbs up for details*

I will revisit, they are adorable and you feel great just sitting there. Food is good and very friendly staff.

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Luv Cravings

It would probably very hard for me to discover this high tea place myself. It is located very close to King Edward skytrain station. But I never really go into that area. Recently, I had been going out lots to fulfill my sweet tooth cravings. 😛 A friend suggested to try out this place, so we went with a group of eight girls.

Luv Cravings is really cute, everything is so pink and pretty. Very fitted for a high tea place for girls. 🙂 For afternoon tea service, you need to make a reservation a day ahead of time. Aside from high tea service, they do have casual sit ins and various types of cupcakes and small snacks to choose from.

All of us got the Petite Tea service – “A sampling of our Signature Afternoon Tea, served with an array of 10 delicate sweets, savouries & tea sandwiches”

petite tea set

What we got (from what I remember): Red Velvet Cupcake, Lemon meringue Pie, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Egg Salad Sandwich, Cranberry Turkey Sandwich, Pesto & Brie Sandwich, Srawberry Cream Cheese Open Toast, Quiche, and Scones.

The savouries were average I would say. Nothing really made me say wow. But having said that everything is good. However their scones are served fresh and hot, which I absolutely loved! Rarely for afternoon tea service I get to eat hot scones. (I get hot scones when I make them at home. :P)

I couldn’t finish my sweets so I had to take them home. I was very excited to try out their cupcakes (since this is what they are famous for). It was one sweet cupcake, really couldn’t finish the icing. I was a little disappointed since they are suppose to be famous for cupcakes… 😦 However their lemon meringue pie is good, I think it is the sourness of the lemon that balanced this one out.


For tea, I have selected the Long Island Strawberry Green Tea. Couldn’t really comment much on this tea, since this is a pretty safe choice. I enjoyed it with honey. 🙂 They are pretty good at refilling the hot water, comes around often to make sure we have hot water for our tea.

The shop is very adorable and modern. With good service during out seating. However the food quality would stop me from traveling that distance for it, once again I am not saying their food is bad. For me, it’s not worth the trip.

I will revisit if I am in the area.

A side story to this – my friend called too book for an afternoon tea service on a Saturday. The staff asked her if she wanted the petite tea service or the regular service. So she came and asked us and we all selected petite. However when she called back, the staff told her that for the weekend they only offer the regular tea service. My friend got a little bit upset and finally the staff offered the petite tea service for us. I don’t know how I should feel about this.

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