Marutama Ramen

Now I know this place is already being hyped up and I just keep forgetting to write the review for it since I visited it when it first opened in the summer. After which I have been there at least three to four times I cannot recall. But every time I go I was not disappointed.


On the Bidwell off Robson (relatively close to McDonald’s), it might take a bit to find. Just look for McDonalds and park you’ll see a bright door front shinning out form the dark. The entrance shouts Come In! It’s beautiful, made of wood and full of Japan. 🙂

As I enter, I notice how the whole store is just plain wood. Lots of wood everywhere, gave it a nice pleasant feeling. Service is really good; staffs are very friendly and tentative. They often make sure that you have tea or water in your cup.


The first thing I noticed is that their noodles are not the typical ramen noodle you see everywhere in Vancouver. They are thinner, and softer I would say. They sort of remind me of Chinese egg noodle in wonton soup. It’s different; I’ve never eaten ramen with this type of noodle before. They are softer and less chewy.


Definitely their broth is much lighter than most ramen store. I actually quite like it because they are lighter and soup base is made with chicken instead of pork so it went great with their thin noodle. Because of the chicken broth, you don’t feel the pork oil staying on your lips from eating the noodle.


I know they make their noodle in-house, they have a noodle machine at the corner of the restaurant. You can hear them make their noodles when they operate the machine when you are dining.


Overall I really liked this ramen place but if you into traditional kind of ramen noodle then this is not the place for you. But if you want to try something different then go and check this place out.


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Kamamarui Ramen Sushi

My brother took me to this new ramen place in Burnaby. He told me three times that I should try, so I did. As I came to the place, it has a very cute entrance with a lantern outside with RAMEN (in Japanese) written on it. As I entered the restaurant the first thing I noticed is, there are only tables enough to seat 10 people in the restaurant. But don’t get me wrong because there are room, just not enough seats. Rustic and raw decor.


Then the second thing I noticed is the very happy staff/store owner. His smile is just unforgettable. I cannot remember the last time I saw such a happy genuine smile in the customer service industry. This, I cannot take a photo and you need to go see for yourself. But his service will be something that you will tell your friends about this place. Trust me. 🙂


So from the recommendations from my brother we order a ramen + bomb combo and a sushi roll combo.



You need to try the BOMB – seasoned seaweed with rice teriyaki sauce nigiri. These are so delicious!!! Even though you can really get full, and we ordered two orders. But they are so tasty I had to eat two pieces! 😛 Chewy rice with seaweed flavour! :9Kamamrui

When you order spicy ramen or the regular, essentially it is the same ramen but the spicy sauce comes on the side.


Let’s talk about the ramen, the broth is not overly creamy and not too salty. Nice chewy noodle but one thing I noticed is also what my brother mentioned is that they do not use fatty meat for their cha-shu. Yes, that’s right. Even from the photo you can see that there is no fatty meat. But without fatty meat, the cha-shui is still quite tender. But I think it’s hard to control that for every single piece. I noticed certain pieces are more tender some are tougher. But I quite like the non-fat cha-shu.


Soft Eggs – these are delicious eggs topped with sweet soysauce/teriyaki sauce. I recommended these to an egg lover and he absolutely loved it. 😛


I ordered the chopped scallop and the cheese dynamite roll. You know they are decent sushi – but I tend to notice this with lots of Korean own sushi places is that the rice is rolled not tight enough. Sushi rices tend to fall off before I can pick up the piece with my chopsticks. But aside from that the sushi are good tasting.

But afterall I love their BOMB. :9 I just can’t get enough. 😉

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Hakkaku Ramen

This is a recently opened ramen place around Hastings and Willingdon area. There are not much ramen places near this neighborhood. So I went to try it out with a bunch of co workers.

Their veggie ramen is loaded with vegetables, so don’t worry about the veggie ramen not filling you up.
I have got myself a shio ramen, didn’t feel like miso. Their shio ramen soup is a little lighter than anything I have tried so far. Their noodle is alright, but isn’t really really good.Maybe I am just picky, but I have tried a lot of ramen places and this is maybe a little below the average I have been trying so far. Chasu was not bad, but I have tasted better.

I am not sure if I will revisit, over all I felt like the food I am getting for the price is not really worth it. Not the food is bad, just I was expecting better.

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Hokkaido Ramen Santouka 山頭火

I have been to this place when it first opened, and I really enjoyed their ramen soup. So this time as I walked by I decided to drop in again for a early dinner, this place gets pretty busy as the night goes on. So to avoid line up come early!

Even though we arrived at 5:45pm, we still had to wait for about 15 mins. The inside seating area was already full, so we were seated towards the entrance.

But as I looked over to the shoulder, I notice the big wood sign again. I couldn’t move over to take a good photo of it. But I super liked the sign. 😛

Santouka is run by Japanese that specializes in Hokkaido ramen. It sits on Robson really close to Guu. Let’s dig in!

This is the spicy miso ramen combo with ikura on rice. The combo is also served with house pickled plum and half egg. Maybe I am into really spicy food, this noodle is not too spicy. Just a little bit. The ikura sort of taste funny on the rice, cause the rice was so warm which made the ikura warm. Hmm, ikura is already very fishy therefore having it warm made it more fishy. I didn’t really like that.

Miso Ramen – I usually order this, or someone else will always then I can try the soup. The soup is good like I had tried before, their soup base is very rich and strong.

Tonkotsu Ramen – made with pork bone broth, even stronger than miso. But I really liked how smooth it made the ramen taste.

However I notice from the ramen that they leave a thin layer on top of the soup (something similar to hot milk skin). I couldn’t understand why – maybe it is because the soup base is too fatty therefore leaving the skin?

Overall I enjoyed the ramen but didn’t really like the service (the waitresses are not very friendly) and one of my friend found oily spoon (yikes!). I wouldn’t wait in line for this type of service and environment. Maybe to go would be suitable?

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Q-Go Ramen

I never noticed this restaurant before until my brother who works in the area told me about it. So I decided to go give it a try with a few friends. Q-Go Ramen is on Broadway cross Granville. This is a CASH ONLY restaurant.

This restaurant’s interior design is like other ramen places, cozy but not overly crowded. But never any places to put your bags or jackets. 😛 But it is the same in Japan anyways.

Good that I went with a few friends so I can try a bit of everything. This is the chasu don – the chasu is actually really good, the right amount of fat with the pork and wasn’t overly oily.

Shoyu Ramen – This is a lighter soup, but I enjoyed it. It didn’t gave me this really oily and too filling feeling. I was able to drink a little bit of soup. The chasu is very good and tender.

My friend’s Miso Ramen which I tried the soup, a little lighter than most ramen places. But it is good that it wasn’t too heavy. And noodle is the right chewiness. 🙂

This is a Taiwanese run Japanese ramen place, therefore you don’t get the typical strong flavoured ramen soup bases you get at other ramen places. If you are not into strong flavour, you can definitely this out. The waitress was very friendly and made sure everything was okay and answer all the questions when asked. I would revisit just because of the no line ups, moderate price, friendly service and environment.

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