The Beach House

The restaurant sits right in front of the water, as I was walking towards the restaurant I can’t help but stop and take photos of the beautiful British Columbia scenic view. Then I knew right away this would be a perfect restaurant for any romantic dinner. We arrived sometime around sunset and it was just beautiful to see the sunset from outside and inside the restaurant. They also has a patio area that is enclosed by glass, which would allow you to enjoy the view fully while having a Sunday brunch.

To start, we ordered a few appetizers to share:
Wok Tossed Calamari – charred poblanos, peppers and red onion
This is a good appetizer, full of flavours and texture. Crispy and chewy, although it says wok tossed but it does still taste like it has been lightly fried already. But I do recommend this calamari and in comparison to many other restaurants, I like how this one is lighter in flavour and not deep fried.

Another great appetizer to share is mussels and clams, they were put in a lime and lemogross broth with mile red curry and coconut. This taste like Asian, something I have eaten in a Malaysian restaurant. Too similar that I thought maybe it is a replica. I am not saying it’s not good, it is good just tasted like a copy cat. So it didn’t feel anything special.

For entrée I ordered Spicy Scallop and Prawn Linguini (warning if you do not eat spicy please do not order this, because as a spicy eater this definitely has a kick to it). Made with fresh herbs, chilies, olive oil, white wine and tomatoe sauce, maybe lots of chilies…. 😛 When I took my first bite, I really liked the flavour of chilies and tomatoe sauce went together with passion. However the spicy comes after, as you kept going and indulge more the spice comes back up from your throat and literally you can be sweating from this. So I would recommend this dish to those who eats very spicy.

I also get to try my friend’s North Pacific Sablefish made with maple soy glaze served with spinach, shiitake mushrooms and soba noodles in dashi broth. Somehow this dish seems very Asian to me again, but of course almost 50% of the ingredients in this dish is Asian. The noodle is not exactly done properly (it is not that easy to prepare soba noodles perfectly). The sablefish is alright, I have to say a little bit disappointed at this dish. Everything is good, but maybe not for that price.

Overall I think The Beach House has beautiful ambience and gorgeous view, but aside from that I am not sure if their food is worth its price. Food are good, service is decent but maybe I would expect more at that price. However if you want something romantic or a new view, you really need to come take a look yourself.

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Pier 7 Restaurant & Bar

I found this restaurant while visiting the Lonsdale Night Market, I thought it must has a very good view. Need to come back to visit! So I did. 🙂

The restaurant looks newly renovated, everything is very modern and chic. It’s located right by the pier and has two stories (with a private party area at the top).

It was a sunny mid summer afternoon so we get to enjoy the patio. Although we didn’t get the best view of the patio but it was really nice.

It was an awkward brunch time: 2pm so the two of us ordered a few appetizers to share.


Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Tartar – Crisp apple mustard dressing with fried shallots & radish on Japanese sushi rice. Except they didn’t have any sushi rice, so we got extra taro chips. The taro chips were a little bit oily and taro naturally very filling and with it deep fried with that much oil, they seem to fill you up even faster. This would taste better if the taro chips are less oily.


Seafood Chowder  – Sautéed finfish & shellfish in a savory tomato anise broth. This was one interesting seafood chowder. Normally you would think this would be made in a cream base, but this one was by a tomato broth, which was rich and I just loved the tomato flavour!


Summer Beet Salad – Spinach, pine nuts, orange & grapefruit segments. Delicious various of beets, with a very nice apple/pear dressing. Gave the whole salad a little bit more refreshing taste.

This is a nice restaurant (at least for the appetizers that I have tried.) but I would have to say lack of professional service. The waitress and waiters seem so new to the environment that they don’t know much. Not only they look clueless, some of them seems very un-attentive. I can only imagine how it will get worst when it is busy.

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Yew Restaurant & Bar

This year I revisited a lot of my favorite places – Yew (at Four Seasons) is one of them. Let’s begin! 😉

Appetizer: Lobster Soup – this is so yummy, with a little bit of truffle oil and the very smooth soup. Oh I just couldn’t forget the taste of this soup.

Appetizer: Seared scallops with BC cranberry sauce – what a great combination. Tender seared scallops served with a little bit of sweet fresh cranberry sauce.


Entree: BC Trout with mashed yam – Yew IS just good with their seafood. Taste and texture are really well balanced. The trout was also not overly done with a citrus sauce.


Entrees: Free run chicken with tiger prawns. This one is also good, though it feels little Asian fusion. But after tasting the salmon, just couldn’t get it out of my head.R0024343

Dessert: Apple Cake – this is pretty much cooked apple bits stacked into a cake with some raspberry filling. However I really liked their gelato – hazelnut. 😀R0024345

Dessert: Nanaimo Bar in a Jar – this rich pudding was very very delicious. Though it is so rich that you probably can’t finish if you already had a meal. But this dessert is so ‘Pinterest’. 😛R0024347
Just like the previous two times, I am in love with their fish and dessert. Of course very good service also. I would return again!

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I have heard of this place for a while but never got a chance to visit. My dad told me that their oyster burger was very good. So finally for a friend’s birthday I have visited Sandbar on Granville Island. The restaurant is two levels high and sits half on water – the lower level is the restaurant and upper level is the Teredo Lounge. I am sure if you go as a couple and get s a window seat it would be very romantic and halfway through dinner it had live piano playing upstairs also!

This place has very interesting décor – lots of wood fishes hanging on sea blue walls. I liked the feeling the restaurant gives. 🙂

My stomach wasn’t feeling at its best that night, so I avoided seafood that tends to upset stomach. My friend had ordered the Blue Shell Mussels which was steamed with coconut red curry sauce. I had one piece to try, I loved the sauce! It was so delicious. Too bad I wasn’t feeling well. 😛

For my entree I had the daily special fish – Ling Cod with oven roasted tomato vinaigrette. Yes the cod is fresh and tender but I am not sure what sauce I was eating. It felt like water downed tomato juice? It was alright, I didn’t felt like that sauce was appropriate for the cod. I probably wouldn’t order this again.

I was looking over their brunch and lunch menus, they looked pretty good. Maybe they will do better for brunch so I would revisit for a nice summer weekend brunch to see. 🙂

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