Sushi Nanaimo

Wow, the review for this resturant had scored so high! But I felt tricked. Because the food was very disappointing. Let me tell you my experience, when we first got in we were greeted right away by the waitress. However she doesn’t seems like she cares for our business and just stretched her arm out to gesture we can sit at this empty spot.

Okay, so I saw down with my friend and we waited for a while before we got our menu. I don’t understand what took so long because she saw us and gestured us to sit down already.

To start I have ordered the chopped scallop roll with salmon bits on top mixed with spicy sauce. The moment I took a bite, I realized right away why is everything so loose?? Everything fell apart. Like seriously fell apart. I couldn’t understand why because this is such a small sushi roll.R0023940 R0023941

Frozen salmon?? Yup, that’s what this is. Very cold and frozen and bland. There is no flavour to the salmon. I am not sure where did they get their salmon from, It almost felt like I was eaten ice, no flavour and cold.R0023942 R0023943

Tempura Udon – Udon soup is alright, but the tempura were soooo oily. 😦 And so much batter, I understand they are trying to fluff it up. (I used to work in a Japanese fast food place, so I know that’s what we do.) But that’s too much and too oily, I think the oil had been used for a few days already.R0023946

And this is the Hawaii roll I believe, california roll with mango and prawn. This is probably the most horrific Hawaii roll I ever had. The prawns were cooked but with absolutely no flavour of prawn, I don’t know what intimation prawn I am eating. Then it’s the mango, it was so raw and so sour!

I probably would never return.

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